THE TIMES, Thursday, January 25, 1866


Since the returns were prepared, which appeared in THE TIMES on Monday, the disease has made considerable progress in Cumberland.

Since Saturday, fresh outbreaks have taken place at Brunstock,  Wallhead,  Kingmoor,  and  other places on the northern side of Carlisle, in herds numbering altogether about 300, that had before remained quite healthy.

The most serious case in their district has been that of MR. HETHERINGTON, of Rickerby, who out of a herd of nearly 60 valuable cattle, has now only half a dozen remaining healthy;  20 of his stock have died within the last three or four days.

On Monday night intelligence was received in Carlisle that the plague had broken out at the farm of MR. BELL, of Kingwater, near Brampton  --  in a district of the county that had maintained an immunity from disease for three or four months.  Two of MR. BELL's stock have died, and 10 are ill.