The Times, 14 March 1867, p.9, col. C

THE CATTLE PLAGUE. -- We regret to announce that, after the county of
Cumberland has enjoyed an immunity from cattle plague for several months,
the dread disease has again appeared in this district. Mr. Thomas ATKINSON,
of Wall Dub, in the parish of Burtholme, Lanercost, had a cow destroyed on
Monday, the animal having been condemned by Mr. Thomas COATS, veterinary
surgeon, the Government inspector, as being affected with the rinderpest.
Mr. ATKINSON had only this one cow, which he had purchased last month in
Carlisle. It was of the Irish breed, and had in all probability been newly
imported. -- Carlisle Journal.

The Times, 18 March 1867, p.12, col. F

THE CATTLE PLAGUE. -- A feeling of doubt has sprung up in Cumberland
respecting the case of alleged rinderpest reported to have occurred near
Burtholme, in the parish of Lanercost. Mr. COATS, the Government inspector,
who condemned the beast, had great experience of the disease when it
prevailed in his district last year, but the difficulty of accounting
satisfactorily for the outbreak of the disease seems to have made the
farmers of the district rather sceptical upon the subject. On Saturday a
requisition was very numerously signed by farmers and landowners attending
Carlisle market requesting the local authority to have the carcass examined
by scientific men. On Saturday afternoon a meeting was held at Carlisle of
the committee intrusted with the distribution of a fund subscribed for the
purpose of compensating to some extent the farmers who had lost cattle
between the 23d of November, 1865, and the passing of the Act in the
following February, and who were consequently not entitled to any relief out
of the public funds. 138 claims had been made, amounting to 16,000L.; but
the sum subscribed only amounted to 2,226L. As there did not seem to be a
prospect of any more money being subscribed, arrangements were made for
distributing at once the money in hand. 1,445 head of cattle will be
partially compensated for. Cows, three-year-olds, and bulls will be paid for
at the rate of 2L. a head; two-year-olds and one-year-olds at 1L.; calves at