The Times, Tuesday, Aug 31, 1824; pg. 2; Issue 12431; col B

DUEL. - An affair of honour took place last Saturday evening (21st inst.) at
Kingmoor, an unfrequented tract of common land near this city, between Captain
MAXWELL, of the First Dragoons, at present quartered in Carlisle, and Captain
JOHNSON, Royal Navy, of Edinburgh. The disagreement which led to the meeting
occurred in the latter city a day or two preceding; and Captain JOHNSON followed
Captain MAXWELL hither, it is said, by mutual arrangement. The former was
attended to the field by a gentleman from Edinburgh; the latter by one of his
brother officers, and a medical friend. The ground having been measured, they
fired by signal, and both missed. Another pair of pistols was then handed to
them; Captain JOHNSON again fired without effect; but Captain MAXWELL discharged
his pistol in the air! and this, of course, gave rise to an explanation, an
accommodation followed, and the combatants left the ground without injury. The
origin of the quarrel is not accurately known - report says that a lady is in
the case. - Carlisle Patriot.