The Times, Wednesday, Aug 03, 1825; pg. 3; Issue 12722; col B

On the 25th of July, Messrs. GILCHRIST, COULSON, and MARSHALL, officers of
Excise at Springfield and Annan, seized near Newcastleton, a hearse and two
horses, the vehicle, instead of a dead body, having within it a living spirit,
in the shape of thirty gallons of prime Scotch whisky, which the cunning driver
was merrily trotting towards England, though bedizined in sables. On the same
day, while the officers were conveying the hearse to its new destination, they
also seized a horse and an additional thirty gallons of whisky, in ten casks.
The man who belonged to this latter venture came boldly up to inquire who the
deceased was, and where he was to be buried; and found to his surprise that an
old acquaintance had been drowned while bathing, and the people bringing the
hearse from Newcastleton to convey him to the place of interment, thinking the
opportunity an excellent one for outwitting the officers, concealed the whisky
within it! The driver of the hearse is in Annan gaol, and the man belonging to
the horse is in Carlisle gaol. - Carlisle Patriot.