The Times, Tuesday, Jun 12, 1821; pg. 3; Issue 11270; col C

In the afternoon of Wednesday last, while a number of workmen were employed in
widening the bridge over the Eden, near Templesowerby, the centre or frame-work
of one of the arches, upon which they were laying the stones, suddenly gave way;
a momentary warning, however, had the effect of saving 11 out of 15 persons who
were on the arch at the time; of the remaining four, two instinctively laid hold
of the edge of the old fabric, and adhered so tenaciously, that, notwithstanding
the general consternation, one of them was rescued from his perilous situation;
the strength of the other being exhausted, he dropped into the abyss below, and
was much bruised; the other two fell along with the wreck, one of them was
miraculously saved from drowning, but the other was so much crushed that his
life is despaired of. - Carlisle paper.