The Times, Friday, Nov 13, 1829; pg. 3; Issue 14070; col A

                                           LAW REPORT.


The argument in this case was this morning resumed. The information in the suit
was filed by the Attorney-General, for the purpose of obtaining the decision of
the Court as to certain property possessed by the College. Archbishop GRINDALL,
by his will, bequeathed a sum of money, with directions to his executors to lay
it out in lands which would produce a rental of 50L. per annum, which he ordered
to be divided so as to give to the school of St. Bee's, in the county of
Cumberland, 21L. per annum, and 24L. to Pembroke Hall, and the surplus of 5L.
was to go to augment the stipends of the scholars in each of those seminaries.
It was afterwards agreed between the bishop's executors and the heads of the
college, that Pembroke Hall should take an estate in Surrey, of the rental of
24L. per annum, and that other lands in Cumberland, of the value of the
difference, should be held for the school there. The value of the estate in
Surrey had now far exceeded that at which it was estimated when this arrangement
took place, and although the rent continued the same, a renewal fine of 1,000L.
was obtained every seventh year. The value of the Cumberland estate was not by
any means improved in a similar ratio, and the present suit was instituted for
the purpose of equalizing between the two objects of the donor's bounty, the
fund out of which it was to issue.

The SOLICITOR-GENERAL having replied to the arguments of the defendant's

The LORD CHANCELLOR said he should take some time to consider the case, and give
judgment on a future day.