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The Times, Tuesday, Jan 14, 1823; pg. 3; Issue 11768; col B

RENTS IN CUMBERLAND. - Perhaps there is no other part of Great Britain where the
occupiers of land have continued to pay high rents so punctually as in this
county - a circumstance entirely owing to the interspersion of small estates
with those of noblemen and other great landed proprietors. The smaller
land-owners, in these times of severe depression, are speculating to become
farmers, knowing that the stocking and general out-fit of a farm could never
have been done at less cost; and that the prices of land produce are higher in
Cumberland than in any other county in England. These small proprietors,
residing in their own county, and purchasing the necessaries for their
establishments mostly in the neighbouring districts, cause a domestic trade and
circulation of money unknown in many other places. Several farms have lately
been given up on account of exorbitant rents, the tenants not having received
from their landlords any promise of a sufficient abatement. These very farms
have been since let to able tenants for the same rents, and some at an advance.
Upon the whole, many members of agricultural societies who have visited this
county, agree in stating, that the Cumberland farmers are of all others the most
shrewd and economical managers, and evince great prudence and sound judgment in
the purchase and rearing of stock, and in disposing of it to the best
advantage. - Carlisle Journal.