The Times, Friday, Aug 12, 1825; pg. 3; Issue 12730; col A

                               SUMMER ASSIZES.
                      CARLISLE, MONDAY, AUG. 8.

This day, at four o'clock, the Judges arrived at this city, and immediately
proceeded to open the commission; after which they attended at the Cathedral,
where a sermon was preached by the Rev. Mr. MILNER, nephew of Dean MILNER. After
service, they proceeded to the seat of the Bishop of Carlisle, to dinner.

On the Crown side there are six prisoners for trial. On the Nisi Prius side
there is more business than can be got through. Already 22 causes are entered,
and as many more are expected. Mr. Baron HULLOCK will preside at Nisi Prius, and
Mr. Justice BAYLEY at the Crown side.

Mr. BROUGHAM is arrived. The place is very full, and there is scarcely a bed to
be had.