The Times, Tuesday, Oct 06, 1829; pg. 2; Issue 14037; col C

Last week we mentioned the escape of JOHNSTON and EDMONDSON (two young men
lately committed for highway robbery) from Carlisle gaol. EDMONDSON returned to
Carlisle on Sunday night last, and went to his brother's, who, at his request,
accompanied him to the gaol, and he voluntarily resigned himself into the hands
of those keepers from whose custody he had escaped only four days before. After
leaving the gaol, we are told, the two culprits proceeded at their utmost speed
till they came to Botcherby-bridge, where they parted. JOHNSTON proceeded on to
Warwick, where he stopped part of the night with his mother, and has not since
been heard of; EDMONDSON went to Penrith, and called upon a relation, who
strongly urged him to surrender himself, which he at last agreed to do, and
returned to Carlisle as above stated. It is said that EDMONDSON is beginning to
exhibit a better feeling, - to show signs of penitence and contrition. -
Carlisle Patriot.