The Times, Tuesday, Oct 05, 1824; pg. 2; Issue 12461; col E

ANOTHER SWINDLER. -  Charles Samuel CAVE, Esq. (of Thorney Abbey,
Cambridgeshire!) had scarcely left our gaol on his way to the hulks, before
another chevalier d'industrie, calling himself Mr. HOWE, made his appearance in
this city, and by a specious address and respectable appearance, has succeeded
in levying contributions upon some of the inhabitants. He commenced operations
in the character of an auctioneer, chiefly for the sale of such horses and
carriages as might be intrusted to his care; and having opened an office
contiguous to the Bush inn, advertised in both the Carlisle papers his intention
to sell several valuable cattle, an elegant family phaeton, and a gig, on the
first day of our races. A few days previous to the proposed auction, he disposed
of the phaeton (which was the property of a gentleman in this county) to a
person in Carlisle, for 50L., and having effected some minor sales, suddenly
decamped with the money. He has been traced as far as Brampton, where he
remained one night, and procured a horse to pursue his journey, but which he
sent back after riding him some distance. - Carlisle Journal