The Times, Tuesday, Jan 25, 1825; p. 3; col. B

On Thursday morning last, between three and four o'clock, a dreadful affray took
place on the road leading from Wigton to Carlisle, between two men of the
preventive service and three smugglers. The facts, as we have learned them, are
these: - The officers were proceeding to Carlisle upon business, when they met a
man carrying a load upon his back, which they instantly suspected to consist of
illicit spirits, and demanded of him the fact, which they had scarcely
ascertained, before two men came up, and desired the officers to be content with
the seizure, and refrain from molesting the person of the man whose whisky they
had seized. A furious attack was now made upon the officers, on whom many severe
blows were inflicted by bludgeons; and in the scuffle, the cutlass, with which
one of the preventive men was armed, dropped from his hand, and was instantly
seized by a smuggler, who made several thrusts at the officer with the weapon,
but he fortunately parried them off with his arm. During the contest, however,
he received two very severe cuts upon the head, which disabled him from making
any further attempt to secure the men, who made their escape. Some time after,
search was made about the spot for illicit spirits, and behind a hedge two
bladders containing upwards of eight gallons of whisky were found, and which
were afterwards conveyed to Carlisle. - Carlisle Journal.