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WANTED, Very Much, GIRLS' BOOTS and SHOES and CLOTHING, which can be re-made if necessary.  Contributions towards the Home Maintenance will be gratefully received at 1 and 2 Victoria Road.
WANTED Ladies to Know that TODD'S SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE is now on.  Genuine All-round Reductions as Usual.  All oddments and made-up Goods marked Prices, to clear quick - TODD'S Drapers, Wilson-street, Workington.
WANTED to Purchase, All Classes of Ladies' and Gentlemen's Left-Off Clothing, Furniture, &c. Highest Prices Given at P. O'HARE's, 41, Market Place, Whitehaven.  Letters and Parcels receive immediate attention.  Distance no object.
FOR AFRICA, AUSTRALIA, AMERICAN &c.  -  Intending Passengers can obtain Tickets for SALOON, SECOND or THIRD-CLASS CABINS, by any Line of Steamers, at the Lowest Rates, also Reliable Information, by applying to JOHN ROTHERY, Authorised Passage Broker and Shipping Agent, Whitehaven.
    Agent for Health or Pleasure Cruises and Continental Tours.
    Parcels Booked to all Parts of the World.
    Passengers Booked to the British Goldfields.
WANTED a MAN for Harvest. - Apply Montreal Farm, Moor Row.
WANTED a MAN for Farm Work. - Apply D. SHARPE, Woolpack, Eskdale.
SERVANT, able to Bake and Wash. - MRS. SHEPHERD, 21, Sandhills-lane, Whitehaven.
WANTED, APPRENTICES to Dressmaking. - Apply 35, Senhouse-street, Whitehaven.
DRAPERY. - Two Well-educated Youths Wanted as Apprentices. - Tyson & Sons, Whitehaven.
WANTED, at once, a PANTRYMAID. - Apply MRS. BRAITHWITE, Scawfell Hotel, Seascale.
PRINTING. - Apprentice Wanted (News). - Apply at The Whitehaven News - office, Whitehaven.
WANTED, Young GIRL, for the Kitchen. - MRS. HEELIS, Borwick Lodge, Outgate, Ambleside.
CLERK Wanted for Contractor's Office, Age about 20;  Wages £1. - Address, Box "2119", News-office.
WANTED GIRL, about 16, for House Work;  good character indispensable. - MRS. SAVILLE, Waberthwaite.
WANTED, for Barrow, Experienced Private Cooks and Upper Housemaids. - MASON's Registry, Millom.
WANTED, at once, Smart GIRL, for Cash Desk;  age 15 or 16;  must be a Neat Writer. - Apply, Lipton Ltd., Whitehaven.
WANTED, in Small Ladies' School, Plain COOK.  Three Maids kept. - MISS RANSOME, Sunnybrae, Grange-over-Sands.
WANTED, a HOUSE-PARLOURMAID;  References; - Apply MRS. MARSHALL, The White House, Heysham, near Morecambe.
NURSE ATTENDANT Wanted;  Wages £18 a year, rising £1 yearly to £22, with Uniform. - Apply DR. FARQUHARSON, Garlands Asylum, Carlisle.
WANTED, at once, an ASSISTANT to the Wine and Spirit, Grocery and Provision Trade, aged 20 to 24. - Apply I. T. DIXON, Beckermet.
WANTED, MAID-ATTENDANT, age abour 30, for an Invalid Lady.  Must be strong and cheerful, willing to assist with light house work. - Apply, MISS FOSTER, Corkickle, Whitehaven.
SEASCALE. - Wanted to Rent (with Option of Purchase), a HOUSE with about Eight Sitting and Bedrooms, &c., - Particulars to "No. P. 1,904", News-Office.
WANTED, Early in September, Capable GENERAL. - Apply, with Recent References, and Stating Wages, to MRS. SWEENY, Hawkshead, Lancashire.
WANTED, a Married HUSBANDMAN, (under 45) at Wasdale Hall Lodge. - Apply to MR. J. MUSGRAVE, Whitehaven, or to MR. E. A. WOOD, Estate Agent, Wasdale Hall.
WANTED, Good General SERVANT, for small family, in the country, where another girl is kept;  able to wash and cook. - Apply, MR. MACKEE, Milholme, Bootle, Cumberland.
COOK-GENERAL (Young), also Neat Girl, 18 to 20, as HOUSEMAID-WAITRESS.  Quiet Family of Three.  Good Home; Good Wages;  Fares Paid. - Apply MRS. HENRY, Ashfield Villa, 13, Wilmslow Road, Withington, Manchester.