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The Rowing Championship of the World.
A challenge from America.
We (Newcastle Chronicle) have received the following letter from Bernard Biglin, a leading member of the American crew who rowed so fast and well both at Halifax and Saratoga last autumn.  The letter looks like genuine business, and opens up a prospect of International matches which will make the aquatic season of 1872 a most eventful one.  Subjoined is the communication.
New York December 9, 1871
"Dear Sir,- The recent four-oared race on the Tyne having settled the question of the Championship of England in favour of the crew composed of J. Taylor , J. H. Sadler, R. Bagnall, and T. Winship, I hereby challenge the said four to row  three others and myself a face of four, five, or six miles, straightaway or with a turn, for the sum of five hundred pounds a side.  The race to take place in this country at either Saratoga, Springfield, or on the Hudson River as they may prefer, some time during the month of August, 1872; a sufficient sum of money to be allowed the visiting crew to defray traveling expenses.  If this challenge is not accepted by Mr. Taylor and his confreres, it is open to any other four now organised, or which may hereafter be formed.  I will also match John Biglin and myself to row a pair-oared race for two hundred and fifty pounds a-side, five miles, against any two men in Great Britain; the race to take place on the same day or the day following that upon which the four-oared match is decided.  Should these matches be made, a series of international regattas, for valuable prizes, similar to those which took place at Halifax, Saratoga, and Longueuil this year, will be arranged to take place during their stay, Thus rendering their visit both pleasant and profitable.  The treatment received by them and others who have already paid us a visit for a like purpose is a sufficient guarantee that the acceptors will be cordially received, and meet with fair play.  Hoping that a prompt and favourable reply may be received, I remain, yours respectfully,
Bernard Biglin
"P.S. I can be addressed in care of the New York Clipper Office."