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Melancholy sudden death on Christmas Day

We regret to have to record the death of Mr. Jonathan Richardson, which took place at his residence, Woodlands, near Lanchester, on Christmas Day, under circumstances of startling suddenness.  In accordance with his annual custom, Mr. Richardson had assembled a large family party to enjoy together under this roof the festivities of the season.  The dinner hour had arrived, and there was met a company, including children and grand-children, to number of about 40.  At this time Mr. Richardson, compelled by a sudden indisposition to retire from the dining-room, but he did not deem it necessary any one should accompany him.  AS he did not return, after ten or fifteen minutes had elapsed several members of the family went in search, and found him in his dressing apartment in a recumbent position.  Upon being raised, he appeared to breath-once or twice, and he then expired.  The deceased gentleman was a member of a Quaker family, which has been one of considerable influence in the North, and, for many generations back, the owners of the Tinkler Hill estates, near Shortley Bridge, and his mother was a member of the Backnouse Family.  Perhaps no gentlemen ever held so prominent a position in the banking circles of the North of England as he did for many years.  For the past fourteen years he had retired from the many concerns with which he had formerly associated, but his active mind found occupation in the reclamation and cultivation of the moorland around the locality of his own residence.  Deceased was ever held in the highest estimation by all classes, and his demise, under such saddening circumstances, is a cause of the deepest sorrow to all by whom he was known.  Mr. Richardson was sixty-nine years of age on the 16th of last month.