Thursday December 28, 1871/Foreign Telegraphs News

Versailles, Wednesday .
On the 31st instant, M. Thiers will visit the President of the Assembly, who, on the same day, accompanied by the Presidential Officials will return the visit.  On the following day, M. Thiers will receive at Versailles the Diplomatic Body, the Minister, and the high officials.  It is stated that M. Goulard will leave for Rome on the 10th of January, when he will be accredited as French representative at the Court of the King of Italy.  The statement that the Duc de Broglie has offered to resign his post as French Ambassador in London, is incorrect.

Paris, Wednesday.
A report to M. Thiers of the Minister of the Interior propose; that the Administration should, according to circumstances, publish in the Official Journal, or send to the newspaper, corrections of any statements which may appear necessary.  Such corrections will not be enforced, but the refusal to do them will be regarded as a proof of bad faith, if the journal refusing should subsequently be prosecuted.  The report adds that, while exercising control with judgment-without, however, necessarily contradicting every incorrect statement-the Administration will have the right of taking more severe steps in case of statements appearing in bad faith, or calculated to disturb the public peace.  The report is approved and signed by M. Thiers


The King of Italy has congratulated Queen Victoria  on the convalescence of the Prince of Wales.  Cardinal Amat died yesterday.

Brussels, Wednesday

The National Bank of Belgium has reduced the rate of discount from 3 to 2 1/2 per cent.

The Cape
Protest against the annexation of the diamond fields.

Capetown Nov 18th.
The proclamation annexing the diamond fields has been received at the diggings without any demonstration of feeling, but the diggers are strongly favourable to the policy of the Governor.  President Brand, of the Free State, has issued a proclamation, protesting against annexation to a colony of disputed territory, and calling upon the inhabitants of the state to avoid coming into collision with the British officials.
  Finds of diamonds continue large.  The stones are sold in large number by auction in Capetown, almost daily.  It is reported that gold in payable quantities has been found in the north of the Transvaal Republic.  Several have left the diamond fields for that place.  The Portuguese are opening up roads to the interior from Delagoa Bay, in hopes of getting the trade of the gold fields.  The Cambrian, on her outward voyage, put into Saldanha Bay short of coal.
Mr. Vitzitelry,said to have been a correspondent of the Illustrated London Views, was drowned on the outward voyage of the Cambrian.
  Business was more animated, and trade with the diamond fields was constantly increasing.  Freights were firm, with an upward tendency.  Bank bill, thirty days, 2 1/3 per cent.

Embarkation of troops for Cuba.
                      Madrid, Wednesday.
The King drove to the railway station to day in order to bid farewell to a battalion of the Santander Chasseurs, ordered to embark for service in Cuba.  His Majesty addressed an ardent speech to the Chasseurs and the assembled multitude, which was responded to by enthusiastic Vivas for Spain, the King, and the integrity of the country.  The battalion started amidst great enthusiasm. 

         Vienna, Wednesday Evening.
The two houses of the Reichsrath held their first sitting to-day.  Both Presidents in their opening speeches laid stress on the necessity of adhering to the Constitution in the Lower House.  The President by seniority announced that the speech from the Throne would be delivered to-morrow.
  The government will to-morrow bring forward the estimates for the year 1872 in the penditure will amount to 359,380,933 florins, and the revenue to 308,599,959 florins.  The deficit will consequently amount to 50,781,074 florins.

   Bucharest, Wednesday
The Minister President declared in the Chamber to-day that the Ministry was compelled to make the Government Bill in the railway difficulty a cabinet question, and would, in case the Bill were defeated, send in its resignation or dissolve the Chamber.