The annual handicap pigeon shooting match, so successfully provided by Mr. J. Newbiggin, of the Globe Inn, Carlisle, came off on Tuesday, with considerable eclate.  The weather being fine, a large number of the lovers of this kind of sport, assembled in the field, near the Harrowby Mill, the scene of the competition.  There were 27 entries, and the whole of this number put in their appearance, including a few of the local crack shots.  The rules were for 21 yards rise, and the trap to fall by numbers, instead of dice, which answered very well.  Betting was pretty free, great odds being laid on the several guns.  The shooting, on the whole was good.  The prize was 5 pounds, with the addition of 5s. entrance fee, and the winners were Messrs. J. Johnston, Isaac Falkes, Robert Falkes, and David Price, who divided.  A sweepstakes, single bird, 5s entry, which followed, Falkes, and David Hall divided.  In a subsequent sweepstakes, double birds, Messrs Thomas Johnston, Isaac Falkes, William Hall, and Robert Falkes were again the successful shots.  The general arrangements of Mr. Newbiggin were very good, and his instructions were carefully carried out in the field.

The Border Counties Handicap Pigeon Match, so successfully promoted by Mr. J. Farlam, of Botchergate, Carlisle, was announced to have come off yesterday, but owing to the inclement state of the weather-the rain pouring down in torrents during the whole of the day-the match was adjourned.