W.& G. Pinder's

Grand New Circus!

Great Christmas Spectacle.
In which will appear
Forty Children of Barrow

New and Splendid Decorations!

Change in the Programme!

First Day Performance,
Tuesday, at Two o'clock P.M.,
Second on Saturday.

Prices of Admission: boxes, 2s; Pit, 1s; Galley, 6d. 
Children under twelve half-price to Boxes and Pit.
Hal-price to Boxes and Pit at a quarter to Nine.
Doors open at Seven o'clock, to commence at half-past.

AD. BYRON, agent


Royal Alexandra Music Hall,

Forshaw St., Barrow in Furness.
Proprietor and Manager   ...  MR. J. WEARDEN
Where all the great Comic Stars and Novelties are now engaged.
Every evening during the week.
Engagement at an enormous expense, and for Five Nights only, of the world renowned.


Will appear every Evening and perform on the Violin with his Toes.  Acknowledged by the Public and the Press to be the greatest wonder of the age.
First appearance of the celebrated

Brothers Wills

Negro Comedians, Black Clowns, Dancers, &c., the greatest exponents of Negro Life in the world.
Engagement for a limited number of Nights of

Miss Polly Guest

The great Serio-comic Vocalist and Dancer.
Last Five Nights of your old favourite,

Mr. Fred Merson

Sensation Comic, &c., who is received Nightly with thunders of applause.
Immense reception and last Five Nights of the Tenor
Vocalist, Late of Christy's.

Hank Lavigne

First appearance in Barrow of the great Comedian, &c.,

Harry Anderson.
Miss Bessy Henderson

During the evening will be produced a New Dramatic Sketch, entitled "My Friend Brown," in which Messrs. Harry Marderville, Deville, Anderson, and Miss Henderson will appear.

Grand Overture Every Evening by the Band.
Doors open at Seven up.me., to commence at Half-past Seven o'clock.
Saturdays: Doors open half an hour earlier.