Celebration of Her Majesty's Birthday on
Whit-Monday, May 25, 1863.
Arrangements have been made with the Whitehaven and Furness Railway Company for a pleasure excursion to Coniston, Whitehaven at 7.30 a.m., and will leave Coniston at 7.15 p.m.
Passengers will be taken up at Corkickle, St. Bees, Seliafield, Drigg, Ravenglass, and Bootle.
Fares there and back: First class, 5s; Third do., 2s, 6d.  Children under twelve years of age, half fare.
A special train will leave Frizington at 6.40 a.m.; Cleator Moor, 6.50; Egremont, 6.40; Woodend 6.50; Moor Row 7.0; arriving at Corkickle at 7.15, to meet the Excursion Train at Corkickle, and will return from Whitehaven immediately after the arrival of the train at Corkickle Station.  Single fare for the double journey.
Whit Monday is the anniversary of the Independent United Order of Mechanics at Coniston, and the excursion will offer an advantageous opportunity for allowing their Cumberland friends and brethren of the order to spend the day with them.
Upwards of 500 members will walk in procession, accompanied by two Brass Bands, whose music will enhance the natural beauty of the scenery.
Tickets may be obtained at the Railway Stations, and from MR. JAMES J. HODGSON, (letter carrier), from whom any further information may be obtained.