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At Egremont-  The Infant School at Egremont is finished, and was opened on Monday, the 4th int.  The building stands in a large field at the north entrance of the town, belonging to THOMAS  HARTLEY, Esq.  MR. EAGLESFIELD, of Maryport, was the architect, and the school does him great credit.  It is a beautiful structure and roomy,  44 feet long, and 22 feet broad, with ventilators, and every other convenience.  The masonry was executed under the direction of MR. WM. FILBECK, stone mason; the joiner work by MESSRS. WM. THOMPSON and Son, joiners and cabinet makers; the painting and glazier's work by MR. MCCLELLAN, and they have all done their part in a praiseworthy manner.