The American Cow Milking Machine,at John Whittles, Whitehaven.

Patent Iron Stable Fittings, with all the latest improvements.  John Whittle wholesale ironmonger, Whitehaven.

James Steel, Accountant and Commission agent, 97 Duke Street, Whitehaven.

Something New, The Royal Patent Fumivore Lamp, for burning hydro carbon oils.   Sold only at Gordon's Ironmongery Warehouse, 32 King Street, Whitehaven.

For Bilious Disorders, Liver Complaints, Low spirits, or indigestion, take the Compound Antibilious pills- Prepared by G. C. Gass, Medical Chemist 19 High Street, Whitehaven in boxes of sizes.

Graham, Roper, and Parker's   German Ball Blue
Unequalled for
Brillancy and Depth of colour
Each ball enclosed in a wrapper bearing their name.
Paul Street. Liverpool

Cough Elixir  A perfect cure for Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, and difficulty of breathing.  In bottles, 1s 1 1/2d each.
Cough Pills, in long standing coughs, and chronic asthma, one trial will suffice to recommend them.  In boxes , 1s 1 1/2d.
Pectoral cough Lozenges. 2d per ounce, from G. C. Gass, Chemist, 19 High King Street, Whithaven.

Abolition of the paper duty.
Sugar Papers from 2 1/4d per lb; Cap Papers from 3 1/2 d per lb  

John Bewley and Co.
(late Isaac Taylor).
25 Market place and 1, Queen street, Whitehaven

Washing Machines, Mangles,
and wringing machines, of the most improved makers,
at reasonable prices, at Chas . D. Gordon's King Street,

For Clayton's Whitehead's
and others of the most approved brick and tile making machines,
apply to John Whittle, Whitehaven

Genuine New Cod Liver Oil.
of finest quality, fresh importation in bottles 8 oz. 1s, 12 oz 1s 6d; 16 oz 3s.  In quantities of one gallon and upwards, a considerable reduction in price.  G. C. Gass, chemist, 19 High King Street, Whitehaven

Hand Bills  Tradesmen's hand-bills, or hand bills for any public announcement, such as lectures, sermons, sports &c, executed with despatch, on moderate terms, at The News Steam Printing Establishment 43 Roper street, Whitehaven

Bradford's Washing Machines
which in addition to the International Medal and the great Preston Guild prize, have been awarded Twelve other Silver Medals and first prices, and have proved themselves the most useful machine extant Thomas Bradford , Patentee Cathedral steps Manchester.
Agent for Whitehaven: Mr. Whittle, Ironmonger.

Photographic Likenesses,
on glass or paper:
Carte de Visit, or album portraits:
taken daily from nine o'clock am to five am
               buy W. T. Gird,
At his residence 30 New Lowther street, Whitehaven

Purifying spring Medicine
Sarsaparilla and dandelion and sarsaparilla and quinine.
These preparations are made with the finest ingredients, and are highly recommended by the most eminent of the medical profession as the best medicine for purifying the blood.
In bottles, 1s 6d , 2s 6 d, and 4s 6d each.  Prepared only by G. C. Gass, chemist 19 High King street, Whitehaven

William Jackson
Upholsterer, paper hanger and decorator
Bed and Window draperies made and fit from  the Newest Designs
Residence 41 Roper Street, Whitehaven

To Builders, Joiners, &c
A large stock of Builders ironmongery always on hand consisting of Latches, Bolts, Hinges, Sask Weights, Cast and Cabinet Locks, Hobb's Locks, Glendinning, or Hot air, and other Ovens , Axle and Frame Pulley, Cut Nails Annealed, Sask Line, Wood Screws, Shutter Bars, Sink Traps, Joiners' Planes of all descriptions, Spouting of all descriptions, and Sky Lights, at John Whittle's Whitehaven.

For Chapped Hands, Roughness of the Skin
Glycerine Camphor balls, 4d and 6d; do Cold cream 6d pots; do and Honey Cream, 1s pots, Camphor do 1s pots.
Prices pure Glycerine, 6d per oz.  Glycerine and other refined Toilet Soaps, elegant Perfumes, Pomades , & c, of established celebrity, are to be obtained at G. C. Gass's King Street, Whitehaven.
N.B. Always on hand a large and well selected Stock of Hair, Nail, and Tooth brushes, Dressing combs, Chest Protectors, &c.

Mourning Cards
Neatly printed upon the shortest notice at the News-office, 43 Rope street, Whitheaven.
Prices current, Trade Reports, &c
accurately executed at the News Steam Printing Establishment,
43 Roper street, Whitehaven.
Pamphlets, &c.
Authors' Manuscript carefully and expeditiously printed, in pamphlets or other description of book-work, at the News Steam Printing Establishment,
43 Roper street, Whitehaven
TO THE Trade.
Long numbers worked off for the trade from their own formes, at a low rate at The News Steam Printing Establishment,
43 Roper street, Whitehaven.