Summer Fashions


Hannah and Slade

beg to announce their return from London and will Show on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the 12th, 13th and 14th inst., a choice selection of Millinery, Crinoline, and Fancy Bonnets, Hats, Ribbons, Flowers, Feathers, Sun-shades, Mantles, Jackets, Shawls, &c.

H and S have also added a dress department to their business, and will show at the same time a rich stock of Moire Antiques, Chenes, Fancy Silks, Mohairs, Muslins, &c.

Orders for millinery and dress-making promptly executed.

Mourings completely furnished.

Apprentices wanted to the dress-making business.

Bonnets cleaned and altered.

24 King street, Whitehaven, May 5, 1863.


Business Announcements.

Mourning Cards

Neatly printed upon the shortest notice at the News-office, 43 Rope street, Whitheaven.


Prices current, Trade Reports, &c

accurately executed at the News Steam Printing Establishment,

43 Roper street, Whitehaven.


Pamphlets, &c.

Authors' Manuscript carefully and expeditiously printed, in pamphlets or other description of book-work, at the News Steam Printing Establishment,

43 Roper street, Whitehaven


TO THE Trade.

Long numbers worked off for the trade from their own formes, at a low rate at The News Steam Printing Establishment,

43 Roper street, Whitehaven.


Parochial Anthems


Cathedral composers of 1863,

In vocal score, with organ accompaniment.

(in a folio volume, from engraved plates.)


Dedicated by express permission to their Royal Highnesses  the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Dr. Fowle begs to say that he is about to produce, at a cost of much time, money, and labour, a volume of original and easy Anthems for country choirs, consisting of 25 Anthems.  He is induced to issue such a work, on account of his own volume of :Eighteen Short Anthems," having proved so exceedingly useful to country choirs, names, thereby proving that such a work was greatly needed.  The most eminent Cathedral Composers have consented to contribute to the work.

Subscribers names received by MR. LAUNCELOT BAXTER, 8, Schoolhouse-lane, Whitehaven, agent for this district.




Watchmaker, Jeweller, and Silversmith,

75 Market Place.


Has again the pleasure of informing his numerous patrons of his return from London, and the RE-opening of his show room with an elegant and costly assortment of new goods, combining, in a rare degree, artistic merit with superior excellence in workmanship.

J.S. would particularly call attention to his large stock of fine Gold Jewellery, comprising Brooches, Bracelets, Neckletes, Ear Rings, Lockets, fine Gem and other Rings, all set with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, opals, and other rare stones.

Ladies' Gold chains and Gentlemen's Alberts in fine coloured and bright gold.

A large and beautiful assortment of solid silver plate and best Electro-plate Goods, in all their various branches; Bohemian Glass, China, Papier Machie, and Fancy Cabinet and Leather goods.

Clocks of every description English, French, and American.

The stock of Gold and Silver Watches is very extensive, and J.S. can confidently recommend them to intending purchasers as being very superior in point of workmanship, beauty of design, and moderate in price.

Opera, Race, Field, and Marine Glasses.

Photograph Albums, and Carte de Visite Portraits of Living Celebrities