JOHN BLACK was charged by Supt. LITTLE with vagrancy. He was found wandering about the streets on Sunday evening, with a quantity of bread concealed on his person. 

The Chairman: Where do you come from? 

Prisoner: From Edinburgh. 

The Chairman: Oh; you are a Scotchman, are you?

Supt. Little:  He told me last night he came from Belfast. 

The Chairman:  Where are you going? 

Prisoner:  I would like to go to Carlisle. 

Supt. Little:  He said last night he had just walked from Carlisle.  (Laughter) 

Prisoner:  No; I walked from Keswick. 

The Chairman:  Will you leave the town if we let you go? 

Prisoner:  Yes. 

The Chairman:  Don't let us hear of you again then; or else we will send you to Carlisle quicker than you can walk.