Yeomanry Calvary.

The Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry Cavalry, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel HASED, will assemble at Penrith for eight days' permanent duty, including marching days, on Friday the 29th of May: and the regiment will be inspected by a field officer of her Majesty's regular forces, on Thursday, the 4th of June.

MR. JACOB HOWE, son of the late MR. HOWE, of Applethwaite, Under-Skiddaw, passed a successful examination at the Royal Veterinary College, Campden Town, London, on Friday week.

Throwing Stones.

Two boys names JOHN ARMSTRONG and THOMAS ARMSTRONG were brought up charged with having been found throwing stones in the streets of Cockermouth, on Tuesday last.  The Chairman having cautioned the defendants as to their conduct in future, they were discharged.

Bastardy Case

MARY JANE MOUNSEY, of Cockermouth, charged DAVID BAXTER with being the father of her illegitimate child.  The defendant admitted the charge; and in consequence of this being the third illegitimate child the complainant has had, the bench made an order of 1s per week.

At Egremont 

The Infant School at Egremont is finished, and was opened on Monday, the 4th int.  The building stands in a large field at the north entrance of the town, belonging to THOMAS  HARTLEY, Esq.  MR. EAGLESFIELD, of Maryport, was the architect, and the school does him great credit.  It is a beautiful structure and roomy,  44 feet long, and 22 feet broad, with ventilators, and every other convenience.  The masonry was executed under the direction of MR. WM. FILBECK, stone mason; the joiner work by MESSRS. WM. THOMPSON and Son, joiners and cabinet makers; the painting and glazier's work by MR. MCCLELLAN, and they have all done their part in a praiseworthy manner.