An  Anti-taking-Babies-into-Public-Assemblies-Society has been established
at Philadelphia.

The celebrated Spanish historian, DON MARTIN FERNANDEZ NAVARETE, died on the
8th ult. at Madrid.

We understand that the publication of the 'Northern Star' is about to be
immediately transferred from Leeds to the metropolis.

Young Germany dreams - Young France quarrels -Young England says
prayers -Young  American swindles - and Young Ireland sings.

The celebrated FATHER MATTHEW was arrested while in Dublin a few days ago,
for the balance of a debt incurred for temperance medals.

The Commissioners of her Majesty's Treasury have raised Newport, in the
county of Monmouth, to a fifth class port, inwards and outwards.

At Hereford, 413 heads of families have signed a declaration to countenance
those shops which close at early hours, and discountenance the others.

Meetings of the medical profession in all parts of the country, in reference
to SIR JAMES GRAHAM's bill, continue to reported in the London Papers.

A Swedish sailor, named HENRY BROWN, is now in custody at Liverpool, on a
charge of attempting to burn the barque 'Hermes', nine miles off Holyhead.

A matron lady being asked why she did not learn the French language,
replied, that one tongue was sufficient for a woman, if she knew how to use

SIR THOMAS WILDE has munificently subscribed 1,000 guineas towards a
subscription raising for the widow and family of the late MR. SERGEANT

The mortal remains of WEBER, the composer, who died in London in 1826, have
just been finally deposited with some pomp, in the Catholic cemetary of

At the Exeter Bankruptcy Court, a few days ago, the Commissioners committed
to prison a bankrupt called HUTTON, a lime burner, for giving prevaricating

A specimen of 'Laurus Fuscus, Linn, or lesser black-backed gull, was taken
alive on Welland-common last week, and is to be preserved for the
Worcestershire Museum.

MR. WALKER, of the Haymarket Inn, Liverpool, has in use a portable gas
aparatus, which supplies nine burners every night until eleven o'clock, at
an expense of twopence  !

The operatives of Birmingham are about to present to the Queen and Prince
Consort some specimens of their ingenuity in jewellery, and other ornamental
branches of their art.

Last week MR. BADCOCK, Altrincham, gathered three quarts of raspberries from
his trees, which had borne a crop earlier in the season. The fruit was very
fine and ripe.

There is now residing, not many miles from Pontardulais, Carmarthenshire, an
old man who has completed his 120th year, having been born in 1724. 'North
Wales Chronicle'.

The Swedish journals state that the Chamber of Nobles has rejected the
proposal of having the proceedings of the houses of parliament and the
speeches of its members published.

At West Linton, Scotland, last week, a poor boy came accidentally within the
sweep of a mower's scythe, in a wheat field, and was so dreadfully cut that
he bled to death in a few minutes.

CAPTAIN GROVER arrived in London on Saturday from St. Petersburgh, and we
are informed that the Emperor of Russia has kindly promised to do everything
in his power for the liberation of DR. WOLFF.

A FENCE MADE. - Married at Barn-staple, by the REV. JOHN GATES,    MR. JOHN
POST, to MISS SOPHIA RAILS.  If this fence don't make a match of the first
quality, we should like to know what stuff will.

The 'Berlin Gazette' announces that the King of Prussia has granted the sum
of 47,000 crowns [ about 180,000f. ] to the district of Niedrung, in East
Prussia, which has sustained great losses from inundations.

At Amiens, the other day, a thief fell accidentally into a oil vat, and was
caught floating, after a bath of several hours, having found it quite
impossible to clamber over the edge, although he could easily grasp it.

In the court of Bankruptcy at Birmingtham, a person who was lately in trade
in Kidderminster, handed in his balance-sheet, in which was inserted among
his losses, the sum of £3,098, lost by betting on sporting events   !!


Last week, at the Howden horse-fair, the greatest perhaps in England, among
those present, strange as it may appear, there was a buyer from the Emperor
of China, in the person of one of his subjects, attended by an interpreter.

The Jesuites are making constant progress in the Australian territories;
their order has been established with great pomp and solemnity at Venice, in
addition to the Jesuits' seminaries at Lemberg, Tannopol, Monsbruck and

It appears from an official return, that at the end of August last, there
had been completed in Germany 475 French leagues of railroads, and that the
capital employed amounted to 136,000,000 of florins, about 272,000,000 of

Any person buying game in the street, except at the stall or shop of a
licensed dealer, having a board over his stall or shop, as required by the
1st and 2d Wm. IV., c 32, is liable to a fine, not exceeding £5, for every
head of game.

It is calculated that if the duty were paid on the whole of the tobacco at
present in bond in London alone, including manufactured and unmanufactured
tobacco and cigars, the sum would amount to little short of seven millions

A terrible murrain is raging among the cattle in the south of Russia, more
especially in the nieghbourhood of Odessa.  Great efforts are made in
Germany to prevent speculators in broom-girls and hurdy-gurdy children
bringing them to England.

The planet Jupiter is now nearer to the earth than it will be for nearly
twelve years to come, and, therefore, looks considerable higher than usual.
With a magnifying power of ninety diameters, the planet now looks much
larger than the moon.

A letter from Nantes state that a fisherman of Chinon had just found in a
neighbouring canal a statue of gilt metal.  It is in good preservation, and
is supposed to be of the time of the Romans, one of their camps having been
erected near the spot.

There is now at Stettin, in Prussia, says a German paper, a female, who in
1812 assumed male attire, and entering the Prussian army, went through the
campaigns of 1812, 1813, and 1814, and rose to the rank of sergeant-major.
She left the army on account of a wound, and her sex was discovered, but the
king conferred upon her the Cross of the Order of the Iron Crown.  Soon
afterwards she married an English merchant captain, and has accompanied him
on his voyages.

The parapets in the new town of Crewe are being covered with a species of
prepared asphaltum, a mixture of gas-tar, pitch, lime, and gravel, which is
a very good substitute for the Yorkshire flags, and far more comfortable to
promenade on than the cobbles, so much used in the neighbouring towns and
towards the south.  We understand it is not a very costly preparation, and
it has been strongly recommended to those towns where the Yorkshire flags
cannot be obtained but at a heavy expense.

It is a maxim of Chinese political economy, confined however to statesmen,
and scouted by merchants, that gold and silver, and not only these [for they
go far beyond our own ancient folly in this matter], but also all the
unwrought metals exclusively constitute national wealth.  they take, in
short, pots and pans for food, and desks and ledgers for merchandise.  The
exportation of gold and silver of tin, of lead, of zinc, and of iron, is
therefore, by the laws of China contraband, and their importation
consequently zealously encouraged.

The foundation stone of the Birkenhead Docks was laid on Wednesday last, by
SIR PHILIP DE GRAY EGERTON, Bart. M.P. for the southern division of Chester.
At the conclusion of the ceremony, a splendid banquet took place, and in the
evening there was a superb ball and supper.  The event is evidently regarded
in Liverpool as one of commanding importance, and has been treated as such
by the wealthy and influential merchants of that place.

We understand that MESSRS. TAYLOR and BROTHERS, cotton-spinners, Wigan, have
increased the wages of their hands from seven to ten per cent.  The advance
effects the whole of the spinners and card-room hands at the Standishgate
and Wallgate mills, and includes several hundred persons.  The hands at
other mills are still out for increased wages.