of taking into consideration the best means of Remedying the great Want of
Church Accomodation which now exists in that Place, holden on the 12th
September, 1844':

The Reverend WILFRID HARTLEY in the Chair:

It was Resolved, --

1.  THAT whereas the Chapelry of ALLONBY contains upwards of Eight hundred
Inhabitants, and which population is increased during the Summer Months by a
least One-Fourth, by the Visitors who resort to the place, and as the
present Chapel contains only Two Hundred sittings, the want of Church
Accommodation is felt to be a most serious evil, not only during the time
the place is frequented by Visitors, but also during the Winter months.

2.  That it is highly desirable the present Chapel should be Enlarged.

3.  That it appears to this Meeting that additional Accommodation for Two
Hundred Persons may be obtained, at a cost of about Four Hundred Pounds.

4.  That for the purpose of carrying into effect this desirable object,
Subscriptions be entered into, and Contributions be respectfully solicited.

5.  That additional Sittings, to the number of Two Hundred, be Free and

***  Any Contributions paid into the Cumberland Union Bank, or the Carlisle
and Cumberland Bank, will be gratefully received by the Committee.


Rev. Wilfred HARTLEY, Allonby
Mrs. HARTLEY, Whitehaven

John HODGSON, Esq., Penton
Mr. William BEEBY, Birkby
Mr. John CURREY, Crookhurst
Mr. William THOMPSON, Allonby
Mrs. JOHNSTON, Allonby

Mrs LOMAS, Allonby
Mr. Jonathan EDGAR, Allonby
Mr. Joseph HODGSON, Allonby
Mr. William PARKIN, Allonby
Mr. Robert COSTIN, Allonby

Miss WYBERGH, Isell Hall
W. N. HODGSON, Esq., Carlisle
Joseph FERGUSON, Esq., Fisher-street
Rev. DR. CHATFIELD, Chatteris, Cambridgeshire
William NANSON, Esq., Carlisle

Mr. John BARNES, Mowbray
Peter DIXON, Esq., Holme Eden
Richard FERGUSON, Esq., Harker Lodge
Gustavus RICHMOND, Esq., Cannonby

Mrs. Pocklington SENHOUSE, Nether Hall
Captain Robert WISE, R. N., Allonby

Rev. William GRAHAM, Arthuret
Rev. Chancellor and Mrs. FLETCHER, Dalston
Thomas MOUNSEY, Esq., Carlisle
Mr. and Mrs. HODGSON, Salkeld Hall
The Misses HOW, Workington

Mr. Thomas DONALD, Aspatria
Joseph HARRIS, Esq., Greysouthen
Mr. Joseph WILSON, Mealo
Miss HEWSON, Wigton

Mr. Charles THOMPSON, Workington
Mr. Edward THOMPSON, Workington
Mr. Edward TYSON, Maryport
Rev. J. MONKHOUSE, Lyzzic Hall
Rev. Christopher PARKER, Caldbeck

A Visitor to Allonby
Mrs. ALLSOP, Derbyshire
Rev. Samuel GOODENOUGH, Carlisle
Rev. John HEYSHAM, Carlisle
Rev. Thomas WILKINSON, Stanwix

Rev. Dr. JACKSON, Lowther
G. H. CRUMP, Esq.
Mrs. H. WYBERGH, Isell Vicarage
Mr. John OSBORNE, Allonby

Mr. Thomas BOUCH, Allonby
Mr. Henry BROMLEY, Allonby
Mrs. CLIFT, Cockermouth
Miss STOCKDALE, Penrith
Miss GARFORTH, Carlisle

Rev. Anthony DIXON, Maryport
Mr. Joseph ISMAY, Maryport
Mr. Richard YEOWARD, Maryport
Rev. John DONALD, Maryport
Mr. William SEWELL, Maryport

Mr. William MITCHELL, Maryport
Mr. Joseph TODD, Maryport
Mr. John HEWITSON, Maryport
Mr. H. O. HUTHWAITE, Maryport
Mr. Joseph SEALBY, Maryport

Mr. Thomas BROWN, Maryport
Rev. Edward SALKELD, Aspatria
Mr. Henry CLARKE, Aspatria
Mr. John KIRKHAUGH, Aspatria
Miss GILLBANKS, Aspatria

Miss PAITSON, Allonby
Miss Mary ARMSTRONG, Allonby
Miss Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, Allonby
Mr. Henry THOMPSON, Allonby
Mr. Isaac BANKS, Allonby

Miss Sarah SCOTT, Allonby
Mr. William EDGAR, Allonby
Mr. John TEMPLE, Allonby
Mrs. Catherine HODGSON, Allonby
Mrs. NOYES, Cheltenham

Messrs. BLACKSTOCK and McKAY, Wigton
Mr. John STEEL, Cockermouth
Mrs. WOOD, Cockermouth
Mrs. SLACK, Ann's Hill, Cockermouth
Miss FERGUSON, Lowther Street, Carlisle

Rev. Joseph WHITELOCK, Gilcrux
Mr. Thomas HALL, Gilcrux
Joseph HUDDLESTON, Esq., Maryport
A Lady
Miss FISHER, Wood Hall, Cockermouth

Under £
14 Sundry Subscriptions under £1

Total Subscriptions                             £253    19s    6d