WANTED, by a family residing in the Country, a Young Unmarried Man as GROOM,
and to Drive a Four-wheeled Carriage.  An unexceptionable character will be
required. - Apply by letter post-paid, to Box No. 47, Post Office, Warring,

In one of the principal Hotels in the County
of Cumberland.  Also, a BARMAID, of respectable
connections, who has been used to the business.

Apply by letter, with references, &c., to the


ALL PERSONS having any claim or demand upon
the Estate of the late WILSON JACKSON, of
ARMBOTH HOUSE, in the County of Cumberland,
Esquire, are requested to forward their Accounts to
MR. GEORGE ANSELL, Solicitor, Keswick, within
a Month from the date hereof.
Keswick, 25th Oct. 1844.


Notice is Hereby Given,

THAT A SPECIAL MEETING of the PROPRIETORS in this undertaking will be held
at the COMMERCIAL INN, in KENDAL, on Tuesday, the 5th day of November next,
at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, to take into consideration a Report of
Mr. ERRINGTON, the Engineer, to be submitted to such Meeting, with reference
to a change of the Northern Terminus from LOW WOOD to BIRTHWAITE, near
BOWNESS, and to determine upon the expediency of the same.

Dated this 26th day of Oct., 1844.

[signed]                            CORNELIUS NICHOLSON
                                                    Secretary pro. temp.


No. CCCXLIX, for November.

Price 2s 6d.

CONTENTS:  -   I.  The O'Connell Case. - II My College Friends;  No. I.
John Brown. - III.  the Tombless Man, by Delta. - IV. French Socialists. -
V. Marston;  or the Memoirs of a Statesman.  Part 14 - VI Sonnet to
Clarkson. - VII.  Letter from the Right Hon. Charles Hope. - VIII. Poems by
Elizabeth B. Barrett. - IX. Lines on the Landing of his Majesty King Louis
Philippe. - XII.  Lamartine.

WILLIAM BLACKWOOD & SONS, Edinburgh and London.


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To be had of all Medicine Venders, in Boxes at 1s. 1-1/2d., 2s. 9d., 4s 6d/.
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