The "CARLISLE PATRIOT", the largest newspaper circulating in this district,
is Published every Friday at noon, at the Office, No. 3, THEATRE LANE,
CARLISLE, where the Paper is kept on Sale, and Orders and Accounts are
received.  It is a Proprietary Paper, divided into upwards of One Hundred
Shares, which are held by the principal Nobility and Gentry of the District,
and its circulation is at once extensive and respectable.  As a medium for
Advertising, the "CARLISLE PATRIOT" has therefore unusual recommendations,
in matters connected with the Sale and Purchase of Property, as well as
generally in all Announcements to the Public.  The circulation of the
"PATRIOT" lies principally in the Counties of Cumberland, Westmorland,
Northumberland, Durham, York, Lancaster, in the South of Scotland, Isle of
Man, &c., &c.


            ALSTON,-- Mr. DRYDEN, Postmaster.
            ANNAN,-- Mr. W. CUTHBERTSON, Bookseller & Printer
            APPLEBY,-- MRS. ALLINSON, Druggist
            BRAMPTON,-- MRS. MILBURN, Ironmonger
            COCKERMOUTH,-- MR. FIDLER,
                                            --MESSRS BAILEY & SON.
            DALSTON, --Mr. John Birkett
                                        28 Hanover-street; and
                                    -   MR. J. HARCHILL
                                      297, High-street
            GLASGOW,-- MR. W. M'PHUN, Bookseller
            KENDAL,-- MR. DAWSON, Bookseller & Printer
            KESWICK,-- M. JONATHAN OTLEY;  and
                                   MESSRS BAILEY & SON
            LANGHORM,-- MR. J. FENWICK, Bookseller, &c.
            LONGTOWN,-- MR. THOS. PLENDERLEATH, Registrar
            LONDON,-- MESSRS NEWTON, Warwick-square;
                              -- MR. BARKER, No. 33, Fleet-street;  and
                              -- MR. G. REYNELL, Chancery-lane
            MARYPORT,-- MR. MAUGHAN
                                  -- MRS. HARRISON, and
                                  -- MR. ADAIR, Booksellers
                                 --  MR. THOS. HORN, Market-street
            NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE,-- MR. THOS. HORN, Market-

            PENRITH,-- MR. ALLISON, MRS. BROWN, and
                             -- MR. B. T. SWEETEN, Booksellers
            WIGTON,-- MR. HOODLESS and
                             -- MR. W. ROBERTSON, Booksellers
            WORKINGTON,-- MR. JAS. KIRKCONEL, Bookseller
            WHITEHAVEN,-- MR. J. LONGFAIRE, 41, Queen-street


In consequence of the acceleration of the Mails, we are now obliged to
publish the CARLISLE PATRIOT at so early an hour on the Friday, that we
cannot any longer use communications of any kind which do not reach the
office by Thursday night.

On the Saturday we shall publish a SECOND EDITION, on all occasions when the
Morning News is of sufficient importance, which will appear in time to be
supplied to those parties who have been in the habit of calling for their
papers in Carlisle on that day.