The theatre at Market Brayton has been turned into a barn, - a reversal of
the old system.

By an Act of WILLIAM III druggists are exempted from serving the office of
constable or 'scavenger.'

A Presbyterian College is about to be established in Belfast in opposition
to the Belfast Academical Institution.

The KING OF PRUSSIA has just given 50,000 Prussian crowns towards the
completion of the cathedral of Cologne.

The Hotel des Bains de St. George encloses a tower and a part of the first
fortified wall of Brussels, erected in 1044.

An Anti-swearing Association has been formed at Oronto, in the United
States, and many persons have signed the pledge.

There were at work in France, on the 1st of Sept. last, 325 manufactories of
sugar, being 50 fewer than on Sept. 1, 1844.

On Sunday week LORD TEYNHAM, late the Right Hon. R. CURZON, preached at the
new Baptist chapel, Liverpool.

Mignionette kept from flowering for a year becomes a shrubby plant and
perennial, it is also much more powerful as to scent.

Some farmers of Kirkcudbrightshire are about to enter into an action against
certain parties who have sold them spurious guano.

A gentleman in Limerick has reared up two young otters, male and female,
which run about and play with his children like dogs.

MADAMOISELLE RACHEL is devoting her leisure time to the study of English,
for the purpose of acting the leading characters of Shakspere.

The govenrment of the Netherlands has granted to a company authority to
construct a railway between Utrecht and Rotterdam. - 'Galignani'.

At the last sitting of the states of Hungary, the proposition of extending
the land tax to the nobles was rejected by a majority of 33 to 13.

There is a law in Mexico, enacting that no one shall be allowed to exercise
the suffrage after the year 1850, unless he can read and write.

A treaty of commerce has been concluded between the Celestial Empire and the
United States, in substance the same as that with England.

A woman, named LECLERC, has just expired at Havinnes, aged 101.  She was
three years old when the famous battle of Fontenoy took place.

It appears that the exports from Calcutta, which were worth but six millions
of rupees in 1835, have during the past year risen to ten millions.

Dr. LARDNER was stated, by the last accounts, to be at Saratoga, a
fashionable American watering place, writing letters for the 'New York

The BISHOP OF GLOUCESTER AND BRISTOL has accepted the office of
Vice-President of the Society for Improving the condition of the Labouring

It is said that HER MAJESTY is about to raise the EARL DELAWARR to the first
rank in the Peerage, by reviving in his person the extinct dukedom of

The King of the French presented CAPTAIN HAY, of the metropolitan police,
with a portrait of HIS MAJESTY, mounted on a gold snuff box set with

M. GUIZOT, the French minister for foreign affairs, was born on the 4th of
October, 1787, and consequently entered into his 58th year on the 4th inst.

The electro-magnetic telegraph on the line from Kingston to Dalkev - the
only railway on the atmospheric system yet in existence - answers admirably.

A block of porphyry, weighing upwards of 50,000 lb., has been taken from the
quarries at Morlaix, to be used for the sarcophagus of the Emperor Napoleon.

The custom's receipts at Liverpool for the quarter just ended are nearly
£240,000 more than in the corresponding quarter of 1843, having reached

A monumental pillar, of beautiful marble, has just been erected in
Pere-la-Chaise to the memory of SIR SIDNEY SMITH, by his surviving friends,
resident in Paris.

M. ARAGO says the atmospheric pressure principle may be so applied as to
ensure safe transit at the rate of six leagues a minute, or one thousand
miles an hour.

honour the MARQUIS and MARCHIONESS of EXETER with a visit at Burghley House,
near Stamford.

A treaty of commerce has been entered into between Hanover and Denmark,
which is to be immediately ratified.  It gives great mutual advantages to
the shipping of both countries.

The 'Cologne Gazette' of the 15th instant publishes letters from St.
Petersburgh, contradicting the report of an intended marriage between

New pleasure gardens, on the plan of Vauxhall, but far eclipsing in
splendour and beauty any thing of the sort heretofore known, are to be
opened next year, near the site of old Ranelagh.

Speaking of the beneficial effects of cheers on a player, it was remarked
that they gave one courage.  "Aye," said MRS. SIDDONS, "but what is
better --- they gave one 'breath'."

The attention of scientific men is directed to what is expected to prove a
new method of generating steam, viz., by a galvanic-flame directed with such
force as to cause water to boil.

By direction of government, a sum of nearly £6,000, remaining over and
unclaimed from the Slave Compensation Fund, is to be employed in educating
the rising generation of the African race.

The pearl fishing of Ceylon has grown gradually less productive.
Naturalists, not knowing how the pearl is produced, are unable to account
for the fact;  for the oyster itself is abundant.

The letter "A" is in a fair way to be dubbed right royal.  HER MAJESTY'S
first Christian name is 'ALEXANDRINA', her husband's 'ALBERT', and their
four children are called 'ADELAIDE, ALBERT, ALICE, and ALFRED'.

A Mallow correspondent of the 'Cork Examiner' gives a detailed statement of
the expulsion of tenantry from two estates in that quarter.  The total
number is eighty-one families, comprising 498 human beings.

The coronation of OSCAR I, KING OF SWEDEN and NORWAY, took place at
Stockholm on the 28th Sept.  The coronation of HIS MAJESTY'S Royal Spouse,
JOSEPHINA MAXIMILIANA EUGENIA, also took place at the same time.

The first railroad introduced into the United States was the Quincy
Railroad, nearly three miles in length, and leading from the wharf at the
mouth of the Neponset river to the Bunker Hill quarry.  It was built in

The PRINCE OF PRUSSIA, whilst visiting a building at Rabelsberg on the 10th
instant, fell, and fractured his right arm in two places, about two inches
above the wrist.  DR. WEISS, the physician, immediately attended and set the

The BEY OF TUNIS is about despatching a frigate to England with a special
messenger, intrusted with a present of lions, tigers, and other wild beasts
of Africa, for HER MAJESTY, and a diminutive Arab pony for HIS ROYAL

At Northwich, in Cheshire, a singular custom prevails, which is held by the
charter of that church, to the senior scholar of the grammar school, namely,
that he is to receive marriage fees to the same amount as the clerk, or in
lieu thereof the bride's garter.

The PRINCESS AMELIA OF SAXONY, who has acquired some celebrity in
literature, has recently tried her talents in comedy.  She has produced a
piece in four acts, called the 'Murderer', which was performed at the
Dresden Theatre on the 17th ult., with success.

It is said that the jewellery presented to various persons in England by the
KING OF SAXONY was purchased from a Jew for 30,000 dollars; that the stones
have been discovered to be false;  and that the return of all the presents
has, therefore, been requested.

We learn from Parnia that the theatre of the ancient city has just been
discovered at a considerable depth in the earth, and in a remarkable state
of preservation.  The government has ordered researches to be made, and has
purchased several houses which stand in the way of the operation.
'Galignani's Messenger'.

At Thompsonville, Connecticut, there is a new factory erecting, 120 feet by
40, for the manufacture of Brussels carpets, and another for the manufacture
of shirts, drawers, &c.  In the village of Tariffville, a new factory 110
feet by 40, and four stories high, for the manufacture of carpets, is going
up. 'New York Paper'.

A gentleman just returned from Sydney, in a letter to one of his friends,
says, that during his short stay there he twice saw ARCHIBALD BOLAM.  He
describes him as being employed as a superintendent of the transmission of
clothes to and from a government washing establishment in the vicinity of
the town - 'Newcastle Journal'.

It appears from a statement, entitled the "Epistle of the Twelve," that the
Mormons have no further election or selections of a prophet, or head of
their Church, but that the succession of JOE SMITH is given to a band of
twelve men, whom they call apostles, and who are appointed to preach to the
sect throughout Europe and America.

The most remarkable excavator in modern times, in any part of the world, has
been the PASHA OF EGYPT.  The Mahmoodie canal alone is twenty-three leagues
in length;  no fewer than 313,000 men have been occupied for the space of
ten months in its construction.  For some years past, the number of workmen
employed in hydraulic works in Egypt has exceeded 350,000. - 'Bombay Times'.

The accounts from France respecting the vintage continue good, and in most
of the districts the gathering had commenced with great success.  From
Nantes, St. Dizier, and Lunel, the advices are most encouraging.  The
letters from Rheims do not speak in high terms of the quality of champagne
which will be produced in that district this year.

Law is like a country dance  --  people are led up and down till they are
fairly tired out.  Law is like a book of surgery  --  there are a great many
uncommon cases in it.  It is like physic, too  --  they who take the least
of it are best off.  Law is like a new fashion  --  people are bewitched to
get into it;  and like bad weather  --  most people are glad to get out of

A table spoonful of pulverised alum, sprinkled into a hogshead of water, the
water stirred at the time will, after a lapse of a few hours, by
precipitating to the bottom the impure particles, so purify it that it will
be found to possess nearly all the freshness and clearness of the finest
spring water.  A pailful containing four gallons, may be purified by a
single teaspoonful.

MR. HAMPTON, the aeronaut, made an ascent from Dublin in his new balloon, on
Monday week, in the presence of thousands of spectators.  The balloon
unfortunately alighted upon the chimney of a house which was on fire, and as
the gas was escaping at the time, the flame caught the machine, which was
consumed;  but MR. HAMPTON saved himself by clambering down the side of the
house, and falling into the arms of the people below.

On a recent visit of the Archaeological Association to Dover, the DUKE OF
WELLINGTON, as constable of Dover Castle, refused to allow the learned
members admission to that ancient and interesting fortress, to make sketches
or memoranda.  The DUKE has no sympathy with antiquarian or historical
pursuits - witness his reply upon being remonstrated with on the dangerous
position of the national records, placed over the ammunition in the
ower  --  "He would take care that the 'gunpowder' received no injury ! "

On Thursday week JOHN BILLING, a pig butcher, at Hampstead, who was engaged
to kill a large sow, having entered the sty for the purpose of fixing a rope
round the animal's mouth, she flew furiously at him, seizing him by the
right thigh near the groin, tearing a large piece of flesh out with her
teeth, and it was with the utmost difficulty this infuriated animal was
prevented from again seizing him.  On being extricated from his dangerous
situation, he was removed to the hospital, and it is feared that amputation
must be performed almost to the hip.

A New York paper states that MR. CRANE, of Newark has lately invented a
clock which goes for a whole year, without being wound up more than once.
The improvements of the inventor consist in the novelty, yet simplicity of
the movements.  There are but four principal wheels.