Is an Admixture of 40 Rare Black Teas.

PRODUCED on as many different plantations, each Tea differing from the rest,
and possessing a flavour, a fragrance, or strength, peculiar to itself.
Blended together in the proper proportions, they comprise all that is
desirable in Tea.  This discovery was not the effect of chance, but of many
great advantages united
in one individual, and the result of numerous experiments and the most
minute analysis.  For another to produce the same result, he must possess
equal skill, the same discriminating taste, equal power of procuring the 40
various Teas required, and know the exact proportions of each kind used,  --
and though he may never once have visited China, he must have had equal
opportunities of securing to himself, its productions, with one who, like
Captain Pidding, has spent years there in acquiring these advantages, and to
whom alone Howqua -- years before his death -- imparted at Canton, the
secret of compounding his Mixture.

    Yet there are upwards of 500 retailers pretending to sell Tea, 'they
"Howqua's Mixture" - each mixture differing from all the others.  Now as
there can be but ONE REAL "Howqua's Mixture", it follows that, as 500
different medleys are offered - 499 must be spurious.  The 499 counterfeits
are so many evidences of the superiority of the ONE GENUINE.  And it would
be absurd to suppose that Captain Pidding, with advantages, the result of
Eight Voyages made to China, and 5 years spent in that country, would be so
silly  --  even were it possible  --  as to yield them up to 500 others, or
impart to them so valuable a secret.

The very great celebrity this Tea has acquired having tempted many
unprincipled persons to give similar, or nearly similar titles to their own
spurious mixtures, to guard against such imposition, purchasers should
observe that "SIGNATURE THUS"

                            "CAPT. JOHN PIDDING.'

Honourable Company's Service, is on every genuine package.

    To those who drink Green Tea,  "Capt. Pidding's Howqua's Small Leaf
Gunpowder" grown only on one estate, is recommended for its strength and
economy, and as being the purest and most wholesome Green Tea imported from

    Captain Pidding has appointed the under Agents for this District :

                                     SARAH CARRICK,
                                   28, CASTLE STREET

                               SOLE AGENT FOR CARLISLE

ANNAN, - R. RICHARDSON, Grocer and Tea Dealer.
COCKERMOUTH, - T. BAILEY & SON, Booksellers, &c.
DUMFRIES, - J. AND R. ARMSTRONG, Tea and Coffee Dealers, High Street
        "               JNO. MACKAIG, Family Grocer, 5, Castle Street.
MARYPORT, - JOSEPH NEWBY, Grocer, High-street
        "                      JAS. TYSON, Grocer, Roper-street
WIGTON, - ROBT. DODGSON, Chemist and Druggist

For Agencies Address CAPTAIN PIDDING, 22, College Hill, London.