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   Jack RIGG, of Cleator, as popular a prize fighter  as ever wore the
gloves, lost on points to a young, but cleverer opponent, Jim  McCOURT, of Glasgow,
at the Workington Drill Hall on Friday night.  McCOURT a 22 year old of fine physique and with a  little to learn in the
matter of ring-craft, was remembered for his great fight  with Ginger LAMONT
in Jim PATTERSON's pavilion, and since then he has met and  defeated most of
Scotland's best men. He was heavier than RIGG by nearly a  stone, but the
Cumbrian although he fought a losing battle throughout, took his  punishment
valiantly and surprised the company by going the full distance.

   Also out-pointed was Harry WALTERS, of York, who  the week before had
beaten Joe PROWEN, of Leeds, in one of the most sensational  contests ever staged
in the town. On that occasion WALTERS won on points but he  was no match for
Jim BRANNON, of Huddersfield, whose head WALTERS reached but  three times in
the whole ten rounds. BRANNON had a troublesome straight left  jab, with which
he piled on the points and only WALTERS superior weight and  pluck saved him
from taking the knock-out.

   A minute and a half was long enough for Hughie  GORMAN< Workington to
dispose of Young TIFFIN, Cockermouth.. Charlie HIGHTON,  Workington retired in
the fourth round of his contest with K. O. JOHNSTON,  Whitehaven, and Jack
ELLIS, Barnsley was knocked out by Tiger SMITH, Shipley  also in the fourth round.

   ELLIS had previously gone down, and Mr. ATKINSON,  the referee, satisfied
that it was not a genuine knock-out, requested him to  rise. He did so, but
he went down again in the same round and was counted  out.