Further particulars of the sack of the Granadian town of Cali more than confirm the first account of the horrible nature of the outrages committed.  Women were hunted from house to house, and murder, robbery, and incendiarism continued unchecked for several days.  The letter says -- "An insurrection of Conservatives broke out at Cali, a town of 20,000 inhabitants, on December 18.  The Conservatives held the town for six days.  General David PENA then returned at the head of the Liberal troops, retook the town, and gave it over to sack and slaughter by his troops for six hours.  Crime and destruction were perpetrated by his army.  Two thousand five hundred men, wherever encountered, armed or not armed, were destroyed.  Dr. Vicenta BORRERO, one of the first Presidents of the Convention of Colombia from its independence, aged 90 years, and blind, was brought out and shot.  Women were pitilessly hunted from house to house and subjected to most shameless outrages.  Houses were sacked and gutted, churches robbed and their altars stained with the blood of the victims, and stores and shop-stained with the blood of the victims, and stores and shopkeepers' goods were robbed or destroyed.  Foreigners in many instances suffered with the natives, and murder, lust, robbery, and incendiarism continued unchecked for some days together in the suburbs and on the estates of the surrounding country.  Many of the better-disposed Liberals lost their lives in attempting to protect their fellow-citizens."