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                                                   LANGHOLM v. CARLISLE.
        A match between the above clubs was played at Langholm on Friday last.  Carlisle played at a considerable disadvantage, having only thirteen men, while Langholm was fully and strongly represented.  Consequently, the visitors were very hard pressed, and compelled frequently to touch down in self-defence.  However, Langholm was unable to score either a try or goal.  During the last quarter of an hour the Carlisle forwards rallied and made an effective charge, which resulted in a try obtained by Buck, this point deciding the match in favour of Carlisle.  Prominent in their play for the Langholm team were William SCOTT (capt.), TURNBULL, LITTLE, and BURNETT;  while for Carlisle, SPENCE, FISH, CROWTHER, STORDY, and MANN showed good play.  The teams were:--
        Langholm. -- BACK, J. ELLIOT;  half backs, J. DAVIDSON, W. SCOTT;  quarter backs, W. BELL, WM. SCOTT (capt.):  forwards, CAMPBELL, McQUHART, TURNBULL, LITTLE, ANDERSON, BURNET, HALL, FLETCHER, BYERS, THOMPSON.
        Carlisle. --Back, WESTMORLAND;  half backs, CROWTHER and BATES;  quarter backs, MAIN and MURRAY;  forwards, SPENCE, BUCK (capt.), FISH, MAIN, STORDY, ORMISTON, BLACK, WILD.