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        AT Lazonby, on the 12th inst., the Reverend John HEYSHAM, M.A., Rector of Lazonby, aged 84 years.
        At the Grapes Hotel, English Street, on the 14th inst., Mrs. Captain A. O. POWELL, aged 39 years.
        At 42, Cumberland Street, on the 10th inst., Mary SCOTT, only daughter of the late Edward and Jane SCOTT, aged 39 years.
        At Denton Hill, on the 8th inst., Jane MCLAREN, aged 17 years.
        At Bradford, Yorkshire, on the 12th inst., Elizabeth, wife of Robert DIXON, lithographer, late of this city, and daughter of Robert RONSON, Bridge Street, aged 31 years.
        In Castle Street, in this city, on the 10th inst., Barbara THOMPSON, aged 59 years; in St. Nicholas, on the 10th, George KENDAL, aged 1 year; at 5, St. Nicholas, on the 7th, George Scott MCCLELLAN, aged 4 months; at Harraby Hill Workhouse, on the 11th, Thomas CROSTHWAITE, aged 5½ years; at Fusehill, same day, Benjamin WEIR, aged 74 years; in East Street, same day, Ann CARRUTHERS, aged 4 years; in London Road, on the 12th, Allan MARTIN, aged 63 years; in Hare and Hound Lane, same day, Edward MCKENNA, aged 26 years; at Fusehill, on the 13th, James DUFFY, aged 4 months; in Princess Street, on the 14th, John Robert METCALF, aged 5 days.
        On the 12th inst., John, eldest son of Mr. George DIXON, of Mantle Hill, Bellingham, Northumberland, aged 25 years.
       At 58, Abby Street, Greenheys, near Manchester, on the 11th inst., Isabella, wife of Henry LUNT, aged 24 years.
        At Durdar, on the 6th inst., Thomas Graham HOWE, aged 5 years.
        At Front Street, Brampton, on the 8th inst., John Joseph, third son of Mr Thomas Bell GRAHAM, solicitor's clerk, aged 5½ months.
        At Shield Green, Kirklinton, on the 1st inst., Mr. Stephen CHARLTON, aged 85 years.
        At Halicliff Hall, on the 2nd inst., Nancy, the beloved wife of Joseph MONKHOUSE, aged 63 years.
        At his residence, Wimbledon, Surrey, on the 6th inst., Joseph Edward MANGER, Esq., formerly of Hong King, in the 31st year of his age.
        On the 5th inst., the Rev J. GAITSKELL, M.A., fifty-one years Curate and Vicar of St. Bartholomew's Church, Whitworth, Rochdale, aged 80 years.
        In Brougham Street, Penrith, on the 10th inst., Mr. Thomas FOX, aged 54 years.
        At Skelton Road Ends, on the 11th inst., Mary, wife of William ROBINSON, aged 70 years.
        At Cockermouth, on the 9th inst., Sarah, wife of Mr Frederick RAPELEY, of the Globe Hotel, aged 47 years.
        At Cliff Terrace, Kendal, on the 11th inst., Cressy Agnes, infant daughter of Mr Titus WILSON.
        At Henry Street, Workington, on the 12 the inst., Mr. William CLARK, police constable, aged 33 years.
        At Church Street, Workington, on the 10th inst., Catherine, wife of Mr. John M'BURNEY, shoemaker, aged 85 years.
        On the 13th inst., Elizabeth, daughter of the late Thomas RICHARDSON, Blue Bell Inn, Egremont, aged 22 years.