"BRETHREN." -- Our readers are aware that the Temperance order of Good Templars have lately had a serious "split" on what is called the Negro question.  Last week, Dr. F.R. LEES, the Grand Worthy Chief Templar of one of the orders, delivered a lecture in Cockermouth.  Speaking of the other order, he said they had "made statements which were wholly false."  They had circulated literature which was "dishonest and false."  They had supported their cause by "tricks and falsehoods."  Their "whole case was perjured; it was Jean LUIE over again;  witnesses were fabricated."  "The house in which they sat was a house of cards, and was upheld by falsehood and ignorance."  The secession, which was made up of "liars and victims," was founded on "a vile calumny," &c.  This week Mr. D.Y. SCOTT replied to the doctor, and the gentlemanliness and moderation of his address were in striking contrast to that he answered.