LOCAL EXAMINATIONS.
    A meeting was held, yesterday, in the Town Hall Committee Room, to consider the desirability of having Carlisle appointed one of the centres for the Cambridge local examinations.  The Rev. Canon PRESCOTT was appointed chairman of the meeting, and the following gentlemen were also present, viz., the Rev Canon HODGSON, Mr. R.S. FERGUSON, Mr. I. CARTMELL, Mr. HALLOWES, Mr BAILLIE (Bolton Place Academy), Mr. BISSELL (Wigton Hall), the Rev. T.J. COOPER, and Mr. S. CARTMELL; Miss NAIRN (Wetheral) and Miss THORPE (Victoria Place) also attended.  A letter was read from Mr. R. FERGUSON, M.P., undertaking to give all the aid in his power, and it was stated that the Mayor (who was unable to attend through pressure of other engagements), Mr. R.A. ALLISON, Mr. DOBINSON, the Rev. Jas. CHRISTIE, Mr. CROWDER, Mr. H. SCOTT, Mr. WHEATLEY, and others, including several masters and mistresses of schools in Carlisle and the neighbourhood, had promised support.  Among these were Miss SYCALMORE, Miss DICK, Miss EMERY, Mrs. JONES, Miss FAIRLIE, Carlisle; Mr. MARSHALL, Norcroft House, Penrith; Mr. George BELL, Wigton Grammar School; Mr. W. HARRISON, Carlisle.  Dr. PRESCOTT, who has had considerable experience in conducting these examinations both as a member of the syndicate and an examiner, explained the steps that should be taken, and some of the difficulties to be overcome.  Resolutions were then adopted that it was desirable that the examinations should be held in Carlisle, and that the ladies and gentlemen present be appointed a committee to make the necessary arrangements, with power to add to their number. 

Mr. Studholme CARTMELL was appointed honorary secretary, and he was requested to make the proper application to the Syndicate of the University.  It may be stated that these examinations are held in the month of December in every year, superintended by an examiner appointed by the University, at nearly 100 local centres in England and the colonies; there are two sets of papers, one for senior students (boys and girls) under 18, and the other for junior students (boys and girls) under 16.  It has long been felt that Carlisle should be a centre for these examinations, owing to its convenient position, having easy access to the other parts of the county and the south of Scotland.  Hitherto many boys and girls have been sent from this neighbourhood to such distant centres as Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Middlesborough, and lately to Lancaster.  It may be expected that many masters and mistresses will now avail themselves of the opportunity offered to send their pupils to test their ability and attainments in these examinations, which are yearly gaining in public confidence and importance.  We are requested to state that Mr. Studholme CARTMELL will be glad to give all information.