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A NEW READING ROOM AT GREAT CORBY. -- Mr. P.H. HOWARD, of Corby, laid the memorial stone of a new reading room in course of erection at Great Corby on Saturday last.  For a number of years such an institution has been in existence in the village, a cottage rented at £2 per year having been set apart for the accommodation of members, but a more commodious structure being found necessary it was thought desirable to erect a reading room and library of such dimensions as would be available for public meetings and entertainments.  Mr. HOWARD, who has long taken a warm interest in every worthy object in the neighbourhood, presented the Committee with a site in October last, and promised an annual subscription.  Mr. STEWART, architect, Carlisle, submitted a plan of the new building, and the contract was given to Mr. Thomas ORMISTON, builder, of Wetheral Plain.  The estimated cost will be £200, and of this sum over one-half has been subscribed.  The new institution will be 35 feet by 21 feet, and will be one storey high.  It will be situated at the high end of the village.  A large number of daily and weekly newspapers and periodicals are supplied to the reading room, and the library at present comprises between 200 and 300 volumes.  There was a large gathering to witness the ceremony on Saturday last.