ST. JAMES' CHURCH SUNDAY SCHOOL. -- For some time past the children attending this school have studied, under the kind help of their teachers, a portion of St. Matthew's Gospel, selected expressly for examination by the Re. D. A. DOUDNEY, the vicar.  On Sunday, the 28th ult., Mr. HULSE, head master of the Ragged Schools, and Mr. COTTERILL, head master of the Fawcett Schools, undertook the work of examining the various classes, and gave the greatest satisfaction to all concerned, although, in several instances, the answers were so uniformly good that the examiners had no particularly easy task in giving the award.  The prizes were distributed on Sunday last, the 11th inst., by Mr HALSTEAD, and were awarded as follows: -- 18 first prizes, 18 second, 6 third, and * fourth.  The third and fourth class prizes were awarded, on the recommendation of the examiners, for evident signs of care and attention to the work during the three months the Gospel was being prepared.