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RETURN OF THE DIRECTOR OF MORESBY. -- The Whitehaven News, noticing the return of the Rev. Baillie WALLACE to his duty, states that on Sunday last the rev gentleman was attired in a fashionably made white surplice, and wore a violet stole, with a Maltese cross in gold embroidery at the back of the neck.  An ornamental cross (bearing the Agnus Dei on a plate at a point of intersection) stood on the altar, which was covered by a crimson cloth, having the sacred monogram, surrounded by a halo, emblazoned on the front side thereof.  A candle in a brass candlestick stood at each side of the cross.  These were unlighted at morning service, but were lighted at night.  The only other ornament of the altar was a small brass lectern standing upon it, and bearing the book of communion service.  At every mention of the name of the Redeemer the Rector made obeisance, throughout the service.  The creed was recited by the rector with his back turned as nearly to his people as the exigencies of his three-decker pulpit would admit, without his being obliged to scrutinize his reflection in the panel at the back of the reading-desk.  On entering within the communion rails he knelt for a few moments in front of the centre of the altar, and consequently immediately before the crucifix, and engaged in prayer.  Rising, he performed that portion of the service which is read from the communion rails, reciting the opening prayers with his back to the congregation, and turning to pronounce the Commandments.  The sermon was preached from Exodus xxiii., 16 : "The feast of harvest," and had reference chiefly to the Bulgarian atrocities.  The evening service had to be preceded by a "churching," that service being read just before the bell ceased tolling for evensong; while after the second lesson a child was publicly baptized.  The sermon was preached form John iv., 22 : "Ye worship ye know not what; we know what we worship; for salvation is of the Jews."