SINGULAR DEATH OF A CHILD AT SCOTBY: THE MOTHER CENSURED. -- An inquest was held at the house of Mr. RITSON innkeeper, Scotby, relative to the death of a boy named David SMITH, 7 years of age, son of Thomas SMITH, currier, Scotby, who died on Tuesday under the following circumstance: -- The boy has been an invalid for considerable time, and about the end of last month his mother took him to the Infirmary, where he was examined by Dr. LOCKIE, who, seeing the child was ill and in an emaciated state, urged Mrs. SMITH to leave her son there, but she declined.  Dr. LOCKIE told her she must call in medical assistance if she took the child home.  This she failed to do, and the boy died on Tuesday, being reduced to a mere skeleton.  There was no evidence of actual neglect or ill-treatment. -- The jury, in returning a verdict that the child died from natural causes, added that they were of opinion the mother should be censured for disregarding the advice given her by Dr. LOCKIE in not securing medical assistance.