-- an inquest was held at the Police Office, Workington, on Tuesday to inquire into the death of an unknown newly-born child, found in the harbour on Sunday morning.  It appears a man, named William MURRAY, was 

walking along the shore at a place called Merchants' Quay when he observed a bundle at the tide mark; he untied it, and found the body of a child.  The body was covered with a piece of cotton sheeting.  Dr. DOUGLAS made a post mortem examination of the body, and found it to be that of a newly-born female, fully developed, and with no marks of external violence.  The child had not been washed nor dressed, and it was apparent that there had been no doctor or skilled person present at its birth.  He did not think the child lost its life by drowning; in his opinion it had died from neglect.  A verdict of "Found dead" was returned.  The police are making inquiry into the case.