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     SUPPER TO THE CABMEN OF CARLISLE. -- On Monday night last, a supper was given to the cab drivers of this city in St. Stephen's schools, by an anonymous friend.  There were thirty-two men present, and they seemed thoroughly to enjoy the good fare place before them.  After supper, they passed rules for the management of their shelter in Court Square.  They agreed to pay a specified sum weekly for the payment of its current expenses, and they also appointed Mr. NAYSMITH, the Scripture reader employed by Miles MacINNES, Esq., as its honorary superintendent.  The Rev A. HODGES and the Rev D. A. DOUDNEY addressed a few kindly words to the men, and they separated, after they had given several hearty cheers for the friends who have taken an interest in their welfare.  We regret to learn that the excellent institution, the cabmens' shelter, is still some pounds in debt, owing to the expense of erecting it having been much larger than was at first anticipated.  Contributions towards the liquidation of the debt will be thankfully received by Mr. C. B. HODGSON or Mr. DOUDNEY.