HIGHLAND SOCIETY OF SCOTLAND. -- At a meeting of the above society, on Wednesday, the sum of £10 was awarded to Mr. Thomas FARRALL, Aspatria, for the best report on the Polled Angus or Aberdeen breed of cattle.
        SUDDEN DEATH AT FRIZINGTON. -- On Tuesday an inquest was held at the Miner's Arms, Frizington, touching the death of Jan ENGLISH, 75 years of age, who died suddenly in the house of Robert RAY, miner, Parkgate, on Monday.  After hearing evidence, a verdict of died from natural causes was returned.
        KILLED IN A PIT. -- On Tuesday, a miner, named William MONCRIEFF, 51 years of age, was killed while at work in Melgram Fitz coal pit.  A large piece of stone from the roof of the pit fell upon him, causing instant death.  An inquest was held at Cockermouth, on the 14th inst., but was adjourned for communication with the Government Inspector.
  CONFIRMATION. -- As the living of St. Mary's, Carlisle, is still vacant, the Lord Bishop will hold a special confirmation for that parish in the autumn.
        BANK OF WHITEHAVEN. -- The report of the directors, which was adopted at the meeting on Tuesday, states that (including the balance of £771 brought from last year) the net profits of 1876 have been £20,974.  An interim dividend and bonus at the rate of £2 10s per share was paid in August, and a dividend was now recommended making for the year 20 per cent, on the paid up capital of £98,530.  The sum of £1268 is carried forward.
   LOCAL INLAND REVENUE CHANGES. -- Mr. Geo. WHITEHEAD, for many years collector at Carlisle, has been promoted to the collectorship of Leeds.  Mr. LONGRIGG, collector at Sligo, will succeed Mr. WHITEHEAD at Carlisle.
        AN EAGLE SHOT. -- A fine specimen of the golden eagle was shot on the wing on Wednesday, on the estate of Marchmont, Berwickshire, by the gamekeeper, Mr. SMITH.  The bird measured eight feet from tip to tip of the wings.
        AUCTION MART PROFITS. -- MITCHELL'S Auction Mart Company Limited (Cockermouth), report that their net profits during the year have been £2647.  A dividend of 32s per share is recommended, carrying forward £871.
       "WHAT A BLIND MAN SAW." -- the Rev. Mr. H. MILBURN, D.D., formerly chaplain to the congress of the United States of America, and author of several popular works, lectured in the Assembly Room, Workington, on Tuesday, on "What a blind man saw in England."
        "WELDON'S PENNY HOUSE OF COMMONS." -- This handy publication gives the name and politics of each M.P., the constituency he represents, and the number of electors and population.
        THE MUNICIPAL BUILDING SOCIETY. -- The annual meeting of this society and a special meeting are fixed for February 21st, and the majority of the members being in Cumberland, it has been suggested that a meeting should be held and a shareholder deputed to attend from this county.
        A HORSE SHOW FAILURE. -- The late international horse show in Manchester involved a loss of £1500, and an action has been raised to recover some of the prizes awarded and not paid.
        THE GEORGE MOORE MEMORIAL. -- The London Committee have appointed five of its members to meet a deputation of the Northern Committee on the 7th of March.

     11TH CUMBERLAND RIFLE VOLUNTEERS. -- On Friday evening last, the members of the above corps held their annual ball in the Queen's Head Assembly Room, Wigton.  Upwards of 80 sat down to an excellent supper, prepared by Mrs. GASH of the Wheat Sheaf Inn.  The room was beautifully decorated by the members.  The Rifle Band supplied the music, under the leadership of Band-Sergt. PEARSON.
        CARLISLE HORSE FAIR. -- This Candlemas horse fair was held in Lowther Street on Saturday, when a large number of horses of various kinds were offered for sale.  Mr. MITCHELL and other local dealers disposed of a large number of strong dray and agricultural horses at prices ranging from £60 to £80; roadsters sold from £20 to £35; and ponies from £10 to £20.
        ST. JOHN'S ANNUAL TEA PARTY. -- In our report of the above in last week's edition we omitted to state that the lantern slides, &c., were supplied by Messrs Geo. MASON and Co., 39, Union Street, Glasgow.  Among the latter there were some very beautiful ones of statuary, &c., which time did not permit of exhibiting.
     OPENING OF A TRAMWAY. -- The tramway that has been constructed by Messrs John HOWE and Co, Alabaster Works, Cocklakes, near Carlisle, from their works to the Midland Railway, was formally opened on Monday, when a liberal quantity of champagne was given to the workmen by the firm on the occasion.
        RAILWAY NOTICES. -- Amongst the London and North-Western Railway Company's notices for February are the following: -- The name of Clifton station on the Lancaster and Carlisle line will be altered to Clifton and Lowther.  Sleeping accommodation will be provided on the up and down night mails, between London and Scotland.
       AMERICAN MEAT IN CARLISLE. -- The first American fresh beef sold in Carlisle was exposed in a shop at the head of Crown Street, Botchergate, on Saturday last, Mr. W.T. ARMSTRONG, draper, being the spectator.  A large quantity was sold at from 7d to 9½ per pound, yet people seemed to fight shy of it, probably because it looked a little "clashed."  It is undoubtedly excellent meat, but it is too fat for the taste of most English people.
        SAL OF FARMS. -- The farms of Preston hall and Gullielands were exposed for sale in the Buck Hotel, Annan, on Tuesday, but the highest price offered, £7550, being below the reserve price, they were withdrawn.
   DWELLING HOUSE OFFERED FOR SALE. -- On Monday evening, Mr. HARDY offered for sale, at the Lion and Lamb Hotel, in this city, a dwelling house, No. 1, Compton Street, facing Chatsworth Square, and occupied by Mrs. BACKHOUSE, the owner.  It contains eight rooms and other conveniences.  Mr. JOHNSTON, hosier, offered £300'  Mr. John HARDEY, £400;  and after some competition £470 was reached, Mr. JACKSON, Woodbank, being the last bidder, but the property was withdrawn.  Messrs DOBINSON and WATSON, solicitors, acted for the vendor.
        EARLY FOAL. -- At Priest Hill, Beaumont, on the 11th inst., a mare belonging to Messrs FORSTER and SHORT, cast a fine colt foal of the Clydesdale breed, by Messrs PHILIPPS' "Young Wellington."