On Thursday Dec 30th, nearly two hundred adult parishioners attended annual
tea and social in Braithwaite School. Mr F. P, Farrer and his helpers had
given the room a festive appearance with holly and lanterns and the tables
were covered with enticing confectionery , amongst the ladies were Mrs
Dunlop, Miss Burdekin Mrs, Duffield , Mrs. Skelton,  Mrs Fidler  Mrs. J
Bowe (Applegarth) , Mrs. J. Bowe .(Lane Foot) ,
Mrs. Scott , Miss. Wilson (Fern Bank),  Mrs. Jay,  Mrs Jackson , Miss.
Edmonson, Miss Acaster Miss J. Lowden Miss Nicholson the Misses Dufflield,
etc etc.
The Rew W.R.Burnett vicar gave a pastoral speech reviewing the work of I909.
The sad record of deaths was read and sympathy expressed for the relatives
greetings were sent from the meeting to five villagers who had turned the
age of four score and the vicar concluded by hoping for "greater unity -
less discord" in 1910.  the room was arranged so that those present could
exchange free intercourse and sociability through the evening.  In a kind of
drawing room entertainment songs were given by Miss Skelton, Miss Towers,
Miss Postlethwaite , Mr Tom Wilson, Mr Wm. Hodgson Mr. Hedley Duffield, Mr.
G  Watson and an item by Mr. W.W.Farrer .
Old fashioned dances and games were indulged in ,  Miss. Ada Wilson ( Fern
Bank ) and Mr T. Wilson
( Keswick ) gave gratuitous service at the piano , the gathering closed
about the Midnight hour  with the singing of " Auld Lang Syne " and cheers
and " for hes a jolly good fellow for the vicar . In every way the gathering
was a record, and a popular one.