Church of England School  On Tuesday
last, at the close of the annual inspection, the children of the above
school presented Miss M. A. Gibson with a beautiful album and dressing-case
on the occasion of her vacating the post of mistress which she has held for
five years. The idea originated amongst the children of those expressing
their affectionate esteem for their mistress; and the senior boy, Charles
Robinson, was appointed to receive their contributions. The vicar, the Rev.
Robt. Vaughan, first gave expression to the appreciation of the managers and
of the whole parish of Miss Gibson`s character and services. Services which
no salary could adequately pay for, and appreciation which no presentation
could adequately express. Having explained that the other managers were
Unavoidably absent, he called upon the oldest boy and oldest girl to make
the presentation. Miss Gibson who was surprised and touched at this
spontaneous expression of the children`s affection, replied in suitable
terms. It was strange to see the mingled feelings of the little ones-eyes
filled with tears even when smiles and hearty cheers expressed their wishes
for Miss Gibson`s happiness in her new work, Miss Todhunter, of Workington
has been appointed to succeed Miss Gibson