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We regret to observe that the south of France is once more suffering frm inundations.  The "moniteur" publishes a telegraphic despatch, dated Marseilles, 4th inst., announcing that the Rhone burst its banks during the preceding night two kilometres (half a league) above Arles.  It was apprehended that the surrounding country and the canal at Arles would be visited with the same disasters as 1840.

On the 2nd the Durance swept away five bridges - those of Mees, Manosque, Mirabean, Pertuis, and Rognonas.

It was feared that the river would open itself a passage on the side of Maillanne and Gravecon into the plain of Arles.

Letters from Grenoble state that a considerable quantity of snow had fallen in the mountains of the departments of the Upper Alps and Isere, but that a southern wind, which prevailed during the last eight days, had melted the entire of that snow.

On the 31st ult., and 1st. inst. torrents of rain came down, and the Drac, which issues from the Upper Alps, overflowed its banks on the 1st, and caused much damage in its passage to the Isere, which it enters a mile or two below Grenoble.

The Isere, swelled by the waters of the torrent, burst through its embankments, and inundated the territory of thirteen communes, which in a few hours presented the aspect of an immense lake.  A number of houses, built with earth, were destroyed.

All the lands had been sown, and at several points the vegetable earth was washed away by the currents that formed themselves through the plain.

The losses are said to have been considerable.

The Paris papers of Saturday contain no domestic news of importance.  They announce, we regret to say, a fatal accident which occurred on Friday on the Versailles railroad (right bank) near to Ville d' Avray.  At a sudden turning, the engine ran off the rail, causing the upset of one or two of the carriages, by which five persons were severely injured, one of whom died in the course of the night.