A letter from Bayonne, of the 6th instant, states that the fort of Vigo surrendered to the insurgents on the 28th ult., but that the remainder of the province was tranquil.

GENERAL COLONER reached Potevedra on the 28th, and was to march against Vigo on the 29th.  The insurgents had 1,200 men under arms.  Corunna,  Santiago,  and  Orense, had not joined in the movement.  In Catalonia, PRIM and AMORTLER had an interview on the 3d., in the castle of Munich, at Gerona, at which terms of a new convention were agreed to.

The conditions, stipulating for the surrender of Gerona,  Figueras,  and  Hestairich, were to be submitted for the approbation of CAPTAIN GENERAL SANZ.

They were more advantageous than those granted to the Saragossa insurgents.  PRIM expected to enter Gerona on the 6th or 7th.  The firing had not been suspended.

At Barcelona the situation of affairs was the same on the 3d.  The Junta had denied that SAVAGGOSSA had surrendered and published the account of an alleged defeat of CONCHA.

Some misunderstanding had existed between the battalions of the national militia and the patules, but a reconciliation had taken place;  the armed men were exactly paid, and had been furnished with new clothes.

Valencia was tranquil;  but the interruption of the trade with Barcelona was the cause of much misery, and of many robberies being committed in the city.


**  I'm sure that many of the names and place names are not correctly spelled

; the newspaper printing is extremely small and faded, and I am not "up" on my Spanish history **