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The great foot race between ROBERT FULLER, who has for years borne the title of " the Champion Pedestrian ", and GEORGE BRADSHAW, of Hammersmith, for 50 l. aside, came off on Monday, at Bedfort, in the presence of an assemblage of from 3,000 to 4,000 persons.

The distance contested was twenty-five miles.  Betting was 5 to 4 on BRADSHAW, and large sums were laid out at that odds.

At a quarter to one, both men came to the starting place (the thirteenth mile stone), and started on the mile towards London.  BRADSHAW jumped off with the lead, and accomplished the first mile in eight minutes and three seconds.  FULLER being about five seconds behind.

On returning to the starting place, the two miles were accomplished by BRADSHAW in sixteen minutes and a half, and his adversary was twenty seconds later.  BRADSHAW continued the lead and increased his advantage up to the twentieth mile, when a trifling change in favour of FULLER began to take place.

BRADSHAW performed ten miles under an hour and twenty-seven minutes, being then three minutes and a half a head;  twenty miles were completed in three hours and ten minutes by FULLER.

The latter here began to mend his pace, and gained a minute and a half the next two miles, and about the same time in the final three;  but it was, however too far gone to be recovered, and BRADSHAW won the race by two minutes and a half;  completing the distance of twenty-five miles in three hours and fifty-nine minutes, fare toe and heel walking.  ----- "Standard"