The advices from Canada, giving the details of the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly, do not possess any special interest.

In the Lower House, rather an angry discussion had taken place in consequence of its having been discovered that MR. BALDWIN, in the bill to enable religious denominations to hold land, had thought proper to nickname the United Church of England and Ireland, the "protestant Episcopal Church".

The Kingston correspondent of the "Quebec Gazette" mentions that the seat of government is, after all, to be left an open question.

Some attribute the sudden change to the receipt of despatches from England.


I'm 99% sure that this is the "Mr. Baldwin" mentioned in the above article.   bbaker.


Baldwin, Robert (1804-1858)
Leader of two reform governments from 1842 to 1843 and from 1848 to 1850, he was a key figure in winning responsible government in Canada. He was appointed an executive councillor in 1836 by Upper Canada Lieutenant-Governor Francis Bond Head, but resigned when Head refused to consult them. He was neutral during the 1837 rebellion, and played a leading role in government afterward. He and Louis LaFontaine formed two governments and, in 1849, secured his place in history by formally gaining responsible government, which was later confirmed when Governor General Lord Elgin passed the Rebellion Losses Bill. He was the son of William Warren Baldwin.
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