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BALE FIRES........We stop the press to announce that Tralee was this evening thrown into a state of considerable excitement by the appearance of numerous bale fires, which were lighted almost simultaneously on the hills surrounding this town.  It was an imposing sight, and if the mind could be divested of its cause - which we do not hesitate to refer to the present momentous political crises - one calculated from its splendour to convey impressions of pleasure.  Several persons who went on the new line of road towards Listowel heard horns sounding in different directions.  We have not time for comment....."Kerry Post of Saturday"


MORE MURDER.....The "Gazette" of this evening contains a proclamation offering a reward of £80 for the discovery of the assassins of PATRICK MAGUIRE, a bailiff, who was waylaid and brutally murdered on Friday night last, at a place called Leganmer, in the county of Leitrim.  A similar reward is offered in the same "Gazette" for the apprehension of the murderers of JOHN LOCHEAD, driver to MR. WHYTE, of Kilburn, county of Cork.  The particulars of this diabolical deed have already appeared in "The Times"


ATTEMPT TO MURDER A WHOLE FAMILY.......Letters have been received in Dublin, on the 14th instant, stating the particulars of one of the most hideous deeds of atrocity which has ever disgraced even the bloody soil of Tipperary.

The accounts are necessarily brief, but they are concurrent as to facts.

It appears that on the night before last, an armed party of nine men forced an entrance into the house of MR. THOMAS WALLER, a gentleman of fortune, residing at Finnce, within a few miles of Borrisokane, in the North Riding of Tipperary;  that immediately on their entering the house, the assassins commenced an indiscriminate onslaught on the inmates, consisting, besides the domestics of MR. and MRS. WALLER, a lady named VEREKER, and a gentleman from the county of Cork, a visiter, whose name I have not ascertained.

MR. WALLER was the greatest sufferer, and the letters state that there but little or no hopes of his recovery, his wounds being considered of a most dangerous nature.

MRS. WALLER had her leg broken, and received several severe contusions, while MISS VEREKER and the visiter were more or less injured.

The assassins on completing their sanguinary task, decamped.

Such is the substance of the only accounts that I have heard of.


GOSSIP OF THE DAY.......Some of MR. O'CONNELL's Whig friends, gentlemen waiters on Providence, and speculators on the advent of the Melbourne party to place, profess to be in possession of a piece of information which only requires the simple ingredient of truth to entitle it to the appellation of " important ".

" They know ", they say, that if the agitation for unconditional repeal were abandoned, and that MR. O'CONNELL would limit his demand to a Grand Jury Parliament, SIR ROBERT PEEL is prepared to make the concession, seeing by a foresight peculiar to the right hon. baronet, that resistance could be of no avail against the weight of such men as LORD CHARLEMONT,   LORD CLONCURRY,   MR. ROSE, M.P., and, it may be, MR. PIERCE MAHONY, all of whom, it is also " known " are prepared, on the above named condition, to join the ranks of the federalists.


THE REPEAL SECRETARY. ...We have heard that a complaint has been lodged with the Board of Trinity College, as to an avowed Repealer being on the books of the University, and that MR. RAY has been allowed a certain interval to consider and determine whether he will relinquish repeal or give up the University, as one or the other he must. - "Dublin Statesman"


SIGNAL FIRES. ...Once again have the hills of Cork and Kerry being lighted up like so many watch towers, by those peaceably disposed persons, (as we are told to consider them), the peasantry of the south of Ireland.  Scarcely has a fortnight passed away since similar demonstrations had been witnessed in every one of the six Munster counties;  and now we have them repeated in two out of the number - for what purpose it would be superfluous to inquire.

How long those manifestations shall be confined to the hills, it is only for the parties themselves to tell;  but what they are designed to lead to every one who remembers the symptoms which ushered in the rebellion of 1798, can be at no loss to discover.

It is now pretty clear that MR. O'CONNELL has sufficiently strong reasons for imploring his Repeal followers to commit no outrage on life or property.  Really the times are awful in the extreme !! - "Dublin Packet of Tuesday".


"WHO'S THE TRAITOR ?".....There has been a rumour current for some few days past whch has caused considerable consternation in the Repeal camp, and which originated, I believe, in one of the Radical Liverpool papers, on the authority of a letter from Dublin.

It is to the effect, that certain members of the committee of the Repeal Association have turned "stag" ...... have actually sold themselves to the Castle, and that they will be brought forward to maintain the prosecutions on the part of the Crown.

On making enquiry at " the proper quarters " I learn that there is a well-founded apprehension of " foul play " being practised, not indeed by any " members of the committee " but that it is strongly surmised that some of the 'attaches' in the writing department of the Corn Exchange have not been as faithful to their trust as could reasonably have been wished.  This is not " Tory ", but Repeal report.............."Correspondent of Times"


STATE OF SLIGO...........Weekly repeal meetings are held in Sligo.  At one of them on Monday night last, two policemen attended in coloured clothes, and commenced taking notes of the speeches.  As soon as they were observed the mob called out, "There are spies in the room - turn them out"; after which they were jostled about and prevented from taking notes;  but they kept enough in their memory to answer their purpose.

On Tuesday evening, as an industrious man, a cooper, was going down Knox-street, he was knocked down by a blow of a stick from a fellow who instantly ran off.  The cries of the man attracted some persons to the spot, one of whom, in order to finish the work which the other wretch commenced, gave the poor fellow several kicks and blows, and then left him weltering in his blood.

This is a frightful state of society, yet the 'liberal' corporation have dismissed the watchmen, and won't even pay scavengers to sweep the streets.  What a picture Sligo presents of what Ireland would be were the 'liberals' at the head of affairs.  Large quantites of smuggled gun-powder and fire-arms, we are credibly informed, have lately been imported into Sligo.  Where will these things end ?  ..................."Sligo Journal"