One or Two of those Handsome and Superior recently built  DWELLING HOUSES, situate in DEVONSHIRE STREET, Carlisle.
Apply to MR. CHRIST. HODGSON, Surveyor and Architect.
9 Eden Terrace, 1st Nov. 1843.

STOLEN or Strayed about Three Weeks ago, from a Field at LAZONBY, belonging to W. LONGRIGG, One CHEVIOT WEDDER, marked "T.M." on the far side, and a piece out of each ear;  and
One BLACK-FACED HIGHLAND WEDDER, marked "C" on the near side, burnt across the nose, and a Slit in one of the Ears.

Whoever will give information of the above Sheep, so as they may be had again, to MR. W. JAMESON, Longmarton, will be rewarded.